16 Random Thoughts Everyone Has While Having Sex

The human brain is an interesting thing, isn’t it? You might think that you have control of it, but sometimes it seems to have a mind (hah) of its own. It can make us overthink things, obsess over the littlest things, and have the most random thoughts pop in our heads. We can sometimes experience … Read More

16 Whisper Confessions About Being Bisexual

There are many ways for people to identify themselves. Whether people identify with it or not, most are familiar with bisexuality. Yet, some often say that it’s the least understood sexual orientation. There are stereotypes and ideas about being bi that often aren’t true, but have been perpetuated enough that many think they are. And … Read More

5 Things That Are Making You Queef More During Sex

There are plenty of embarrassing things that can happen during sex. Most of them we would probably try not think about and pretend like they never exist, on the chance that thinking about them could make them happen to us. But, it’s worthwhile thinking about them when it can help stop them. That’s why I’m bringing … Read More

Why Do I Feel Like I Have To Pee During Sex?

Do you ever feel like the worst things come up at the very worst times? For example, do you ever feel like you have to burp right before you’re supposed to make a big school presentation? Or, does it always seem like you have to cough or sneeze when you’re in a very, very quiet … Read More

15 Things That Aren’t True About People Who Are Bisexual

There are lots of different sexual orientations. Some are easier to define while others can be more fluid or varied. Bisexuality is something that falls into the second category. If you’re not bi and want to have a greater understanding about it, you probably aren’t going to find the first person who identifies as bi … Read More

What To Do If Your Bae Is Pressuring You To Have Sex On Prom Night

Prom is supposed to be a fun event where you get to dress up all fancy and have a great time with your friends. Unfortunately, there are some darker aspects of the event that you might have to deal with including drinking, drugs, and peer pressure. One of the cliches about prom is that is … Read More

Here’s How To Actually Clean Sex Toys

Finding the right sex toy can take some time when you’re buying one for the first time, whether you’re looking for some *extra stimulation* during a masturbation session or looking for something to spice up your hookups with bae. Once you decide on your sex toy, you will probably be eager to discover the best … Read More

What To Do If A Condom Breaks During Sex

Out of all the awful things that can happen during sex, having the condom break is probably the worst. It’s worse than someone pulling a back muscle and it’s even worse than having someone walking in on you while you’re getting it on. If a condom breaks, you don’t just shrug and forget about it. … Read More

What To Do If Bae Is Bad At Sex

One of the great things about being in a relationship is discovering more about a person and getting to know them on ~*every*~ different level. That might include intimacy. Hooking up with someone for the first time can be thrilling, but sometimes it can be a major letdown. Sometimes, you can be very, very attracted to … Read More

15 Reasons Beach Sex Is Actually The Worst

There are a lot of different ways you can get creative with sex. Sex toys are one easy way to ~*spice up*~ your sex life. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can try different sex positions or you could try having sex in another place. Simply switching up where you get it on … Read More

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