7 Little Signs Your Hookup Wants To Make Things Official

Not to be all, like, “kids these days” right now, but I am about to be a little “kids these days” for just a second:  These days, it can be pretty hard to tell when you’re in a romantic relationship with another person. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, most people … Read More

7 Signs Your Hookup Buddy Isn’t Looking To Get Into A Relationship

Sadly, the story of catching feelings for your friend with benefits is all too common these days. One day the two of you are hooking up and you’re feeling like a total badass for being so casual about it, the next you’re crying about how he led you on for months without one signal sign … Read More

7 Immature Things You Need To Stop Doing During Hookups

Hooking up–whether it’s a heavy make out session or straight up sex–is pretty much a way of life for countless teens and young adults. And, hey, if you’re not hooking up now, you will in the future (yes, even if it seems like you’ll never do it). So whether you’re hooking up with a longtime partner, someone … Read More

8 Signs You Can’t Have A Casual Hookup Even If You Want To

There are many think pieces out there that focus on how “young people” (AKA you and me) are forever ruined by the hookup culture we live in. It’s almost impossible to go on the Internet without stumbling across something about how we don’t date the “real” way anymore, whether it’s a long over-written article by … Read More

Could Your Hookup Be Considered Sexual Violence?

Hi Heather, I’m in college right now. One night, my boyfriend and I broke up after a string of fights. During this time we had been fighting, I had been getting closer to my guy best friend, complaining about my ex and kind of using him as a rebound. When we broke up, I called … Read More

13 Weird Thoughts Everyone Has During A Hookup

Hooking up, I think most people would agree, is pretty fun. In  fact, it carries most, if not all, of the components required for a “good time”–two consenting, willing people who like each other in some capacity, genital stimulation, the potential added bonus of a carefully-curated Spotify playlist that was made specifically for the act … Read More

Ask A Guy: Is It Possible To Get Your Hookup To Be Exclusive?

Hey Joel, So I have been talking to this guy for about six months, we were on an off throughout it like three times. I want a relationship with him but he’s too scared to commit because he knows he will mess things up. He says he wants to be friends. But if I start … Read More

10 Signs Your Hookup Definitely Doesn’t Want To Hang Out Again

Let me paint the picture of an all too familiar scenario for many of us. We have a fun, steamy hookup with someone we don’t know super well, we aren’t sure if they’ll want to hang out again, but we want to ensure that we’ll see them again soon – so, instead of making set … Read More

14 Hookup Problems You’ll Only Experience In High School

If you’ve ever taken a high school English class, you’ve probably read a short story called “The Most Dangerous Game.” You know, that story about a guy who’s rescued by an aristocratic gentleman after being shipwrecked on a desert island, only to find that the gentleman wants to hunt him for fun? Hence, um, the idea … Read More

Ask A Guy: Do Guys Judge You For Casual Hookups?

Hey Joel, I’m a freshman in high school and all of my friends are always playing around with guys, like flirting and having little flings and such, but I always feel like I’m going to be judged if I do any of that. I don’t want to be labeled as anything. Is it okay to … Read More

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