16 Random Thoughts Everyone Has While Having Sex

The human brain is an interesting thing, isn’t it? You might think that you have control of it, but sometimes it seems to have a mind (hah) of its own. It can make us overthink things, obsess over the littlest things, and have the most random thoughts pop in our heads. We can sometimes experience … Read More

How To Deal If Someone Walks In On You And Bae Having Sex

When you’re in the middle of a hot and heavy hook up session, most people aren’t thinking about the possibility of some random person opening the door and disturbing things. Chances are you’re too focused on the *tasks at hand.* All it takes is for one random person to open the door and it completely … Read More

7 Weird Things That Can Happen To You After Having Sex

Sex can be really great – magical, intimate, fun, and exciting. But while you might feel comfortable and at ease in the moment, it’s what goes on when you’re both finished that can lead to some awkwardness. Some weird things can happen during sex and I’m not referring to any particular fetishes people might have. I’m … Read More

7 Things Every Virgin Should Know About Having Sex With A Non-Virgin

There’s a lot of cute, fluffy sentiment around the idea of someone and their significant other losing their virginity to each other. I get it; it’s hard not to. When you and your partner are both total virgins, having sex together for the first time is a mutually agreed upon amateur hour, complete with awkwardness, limbs … Read More

7 Tips For Having Sex When You Live With Roommates

At some point in your life, you will live with other people. When you go to college, you will probably have a roommate, which will be an awesome experience! You get to learn how to live with others and experience that “no parents, not rules” lifestyle. And, along with those freedoms, you also get your … Read More

7 Surprising Benefits Of Not Having Sex In High School

I never had sex in high school, but I’ve somehow managed to live my life without being a total social pariah. Real talk: Having sex in high school is kind of overrated, which might be surprising considering how often losing your virginity before you start college is a plot in countless high school movies and TV … Read More

8 Weird Facts About Having Sex In The Summer

It’s currently summer time for most of us, which means lots of sunshine, lovely beach days, late nights with friends, and, uh, probably a lot of sweaty summer sex, if we’re being honest. Once you start crushing on guys or girls (or maybe both, there is no right answer!), it’s only inevitable that your summer … Read More

Is It Normal To Queef When You’re Not Having Sex?

Ah, queefing. It’s not only something that has an interesting name, it’s also something that can creep up and surprise people at the most unexpected times. While most people associate queefing with sex, you might have found those sound explosions going off at other times and thought to yourself, “Did something actually just happen down … Read More

How Often Should You Really Be Having Sex?

When it comes to your sex life, nobody really has the right to tell you what you can and cannot do. It’s your life, and you can have sex as often or as little as you like (as long as it’s healthy and consensual). But when you are in a committed relationship, you might feel … Read More

8 Ways To Make Your First Time Having Sex Hurt Less

When it comes to having sex for the first time, there’s pretty much just one thing that people tend to agree about it–that it hurts, like, a lot, for every single girl the first time they do it. You’ll know this if you’ve watched a TV show or movie in which a girl has sex and … Read More

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