16 Harry Potter Snapchats You Need To See

If you are a millennial, you are also (probably) a Harry Potter fan. Even if you didn’t read the books, I’m sure you watched the movies (since they are on Freeform basically every other weekend) and have some sort of emotional attachment to the series. And, since you are also a millennial, I’m sure you … Read More

15 Of The Most Disrespectful Posts About Harry Potter

As I am sure you have managed to realize once or twice or thrice or a thousand times over the past few years, many of us here at Gurl consider ourselves to be pretty big fans of the Harry Potter series. We love the side characters. We love imagining weird scenarios for said side characters. … Read More

15 Harry Potter Posts You Can Only Appreciate If You’re Mature

As you have probably been made aware at some point or another in your life, Harry Potter, in theory, is a series of books for children. It is marketed towards children. You will find it in the children’s section of the book store or library. If you have read the books or seen the movies, … Read More

15 Disney And Harry Potter Crossovers You Need To See

If you are a “millennial” (if you’re reading this, you probably are), then I’m sure you understand the importance of the Harry Potter series and every Disney movie ever. I mean, we were all raised on both fandoms. We are all emotionally attached to the characters from both universes, and really believe in the magical … Read More

8 Harry Potter Characters You Forgot Existed

I know that, as a generation, we can all relate to the fact that we can name at least 50 Harry Potter characters off the top of our heads, if not more. I mean, half of them are Weasley’s, so it’s pretty easy. We all know the main characters, of course, but there are a LOT … Read More

8 Ways Harry Potter Would Be Different If It Took Place In The United States

In my opinion, what makes the Harry Potter series so magical is the fact that it takes place in the faraway land known as the United Kingdom. Okay, maybe it’s not so magical to you, but I’ve never been to the U.K., so it’s like a whole new world to me. The accents, the buildings, the … Read More

15 Alternate Harry Potter Storylines That Will Blow Your Mind

As I have discussed more than a few times on this site, I really love Harry Potter. I understand that this does not make me unique (everyone, nearly literally, is a fan of Harry Potter in some way or another). But I can’t help it! I love it! I’m a Gryffindor, which means that I … Read More

14 Of The Cutest Harry Potter Relationship Goals You’ll Ever See

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Harry Potter. Or, specifically, how long the Harry Potter empire is going to last. There is a time when I would have had a very specific answer to such a question, which would have been “forever and ever and ever, thank you very much.” And, for the most … Read More

17 Pieces Of Harry Potter Fan Art That Will Make You Cry

Like most people in the world, I like Harry Potter. But, at some point in my childhood –roughly between the ages of seven and seventeen — I loooooved Harry Potter. This interest (or, rather, all-encompassing obsession) peaked when I was in high school, when I would spend the hours that I wasn’t doing homework re-reading every … Read More

This Weird News About Harry Potter Will Either Make Or Ruin Your Day

Tell me the truth–have you ever found yourself thinking about wizards, their bowel movements, and what said wizards might do in order to rid themselves of the result of these bowel movements (i.e. “poop”)? If you are anything like me, your answer to this query will be something along the lines of “???????????? No???? Why??? … Read More

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