13 Of The Stupidest Things People Have Said About Feminism

I️ don’t think I️ should have to be the one to convince you that, if you are a girl-identifying or girl-born person, it’s kind of stupid not to be a feminist. I️ mean, no offense. But, also, like, full offense, because it’s true! Feminism—an ideology that fights for full equality of the sexes—is something that … Read More

17 Memes About Feminism That Will Actually Make You LOL

I think we can all agree that there is pretty much nothing worse than the process of analyzing memes, yes? I am a person who is guilty of this, of course–Exhibit A, B, and C are right here–but, still, every time I see the words “meme” and “discourse” put together, my eyes roll back into … Read More

12 Women Explain Why They Don’t Like Feminism

Obviously, Gurl.com is very pro-feminism. I, too, am pro-feminism, and I wince whenever another woman proudly states that she is not a feminist. I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I definitely acknowledge that the feminist movement isn’t perfect and could certainly be improved upon. I know there is an extreme … Read More

Anti Feminism

4 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Feminism Needs To End

Whether you just woke up and you’re in need of catching up, or you were like me and stayed up all night refreshing Twitter, you’re probably all caught up on the latest Taylor Swift versus Kim Kardashian/Kanye West drama. If not, here’s the quick and dirty: Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to post footage of … Read More

12 Things That Are Wrong With Feminism Right Now

It’s no secret that we’re huge advocates of the feminist movement here at Gurl – we write about feminist issues, gender equality, and sexism on a fairly regular basis, and we spend a lot of time encouraging you guys to feel all of the *girl power* out there. But even as we speak up for … Read More

10 Reasons You Didn’t Realize Guys Need Feminism Too

I get why people don’t like the word “feminism.” Half of the word implies it’s for females only, and in reality, feminism at it’s core is about gender equality. So I hate to break it to you, meninists, but guys need feminism too – and not just as allies to women fighting for equality. The meninist movement could actually … Read More

21 Epic Feminist Comebacks On Tumblr That Will Change How You Think Of Feminism

Feminism is all over Tumblr right now. The microblogging site is giving women a platform to discuss issues that are often ignored by the general public. If a politician makes a women-hating statement in the press, you can bet someone on Tumblr is going to call them out. If horrific things are happening to women … Read More

10 Readers Share Their Thoughts On The Meaning Of Feminism

How would you define feminism? Do you see it as a movement that’s meant to bring more power to women? Is it just some ploy to get females to be less girly or feminine? Is it an attempt to bring men down? Or is it a movement that pushes for gender equality? If you chose … Read More

15 Quotes And Images That Will Change The Way You Think Of Feminism

Feminism has been having a big pretty moment in the media and society in general for the last few months. This is really great, because having a conversation about gender equality is always important, even if it may be controversial. However, while more celebrities are speaking up about feminism and we’re all discussing it more, … Read More

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