13 Unique Gifts For A ’90s TV Fan That’ll Make Everyone Jealous

Last night I found myself catching Fresh Prince, Seinfeld and Friends back to back-to-back, meaning I was in the ultimate ’90s TV spiral. The only other thing it needed was a cheesy episode of Full House, and an episode of All That so that I could be in a complete state of Never-Watching-TV-Past-1999-Ever-Again mode. Whether … Read More

7 Of The Biggest Spoiled Brats Of ’90s TV

Maybe it had something to do with the culture at the time, but the ’90s was the decade of the brat. Spoiled brats and wannabe princesses were all up in our TV screens, and sometimes they were so loveable that they made bratty look, ell, not so bad. And hey, if you were a brat … Read More

Would You Rather: ’90s TV Girl Crushes

I’m just going to come out and say it: the ’90s were amazing and arguably one of the best decades for movies, fashion, and overall coolness. It’s a given that if you were a kid in the ’90s you had the best of everything. The cartoons were amazing, the toys were so fun (remember Easy … Read More

10 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Iconic ’90s TV Characters

Listen, we’re all shamelessly on the ’90s nostalgia train, right? If you like to think that you’re past that, try to resist a marathon of Hey Arnold and Daria. Yeah, that’s a serious challenge, right? Right. But as awesome as the cartoons were, there were plenty of shows that are a staple of our childhood … Read More

Before They Were Famous: 15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were On Your Favorite ’90s TV Shows

Not too long ago, I showed you guys a list of our favorite celebrities who were in TV shows before they were famous. Well, as it turns out, basically every celebrity ever has had a small role on at least once TV show. Starting from the bottom, you know? Most of these celebs had roles … Read More

15 Celebrities Who Almost Got The Part In Our Favorite ’90s TV Shows

Think back to your favorite ’90s TV shows. You probably can’t imagine any other celebrity playing one of your favorite characters, right? Neither can I. Trying to think about a different celebrity playing Buffy in Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Rory in Gilmore Girls just makes me feel confused and a little uncomfortable. The celebrities … Read More

Flashback: Awesome Super Powers From ’90s TV Shows I Wish I Had

How amazing would it be to go through life with a super power? It’s like, you seem like you’re just a normal girl, but then, BAM – you have some crazy super power that allows you to read minds or fly or start up a friendly conversation with a bunch of animals. I can’t think … Read More

10 ’90s TV Characters We Wish Got Together

As many of us know, shipping is basically wanting two characters to get together. When we’re kids we often ship fictional characters without even realizing that we’re shipping them. For example, I remember really wanting Gerald and Phoebe from Hey Arnold to kiss or something all cute and innocent like that. And I was always … Read More

Hayley Picks The 5 Sexiest Ladies From ’90s TV Shows

Not too long ago, Hayley revealed her list of the five sexiest guys from ’90s television shows. But just because that episode focused on some notable ’90s dudes, that doesn’t mean that Hayley forgot about all the awesome female characters who made their mark on pop culture during that same decade. In fact, Hayley is … Read More

Hayley Picks The 5 Sexiest Guys From ’90s TV Shows

There were a lot of great television shows that aired in the 1990s, and these shows often had at least one crushable guy in the cast. Hayley is feeling nostalgic on this “Hump Day Wednesday,” and she’s ready to spill which heartthrobs she considers to be the top five sexiest guys from ’90s TV shows! … Read More

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