18 Cute Half Updos For When You Cannot Decide How To Wear Your Hair

It’s about this time of the year when you’ve made an effort to wear your hair down for a few weeks but the novelty has worn off. Now you’re tempted to embrace greasy roots and throw your hair into a bun. At best, you might want a more low-maintenance way to style your hair that still looks cute. I’m hoping we’re not at the I-give-up, unwashed-strands-in-a-greasy-bun stage just yet. So, I’m going to present the half updo as a cute alternative.

Half updos offer the best of both worlds. You get to wear your hair partially down, but the front sections are swept away. The pulled-back part takes care of oily strands and helps show off your beautiful features. And if you think that half-up, half-down hairstyles end at the half-bun and half-pony, prepare to have your world opened.

Get inspired for a fresh hair look with these 18 fun half updos.

1. Woven Contrasting Strands Half Updo

This look is on point thanks to the multicolored highlights. If you have one color hair, it will still work. FYI: You could use temporary hair color or hair chalks to recreate the look.


2. Double Side Braid Half Updo

A half updo doesn’t need to involve half your hair swept straight back. This is a fun asymmetrical interpretation. It also gives you a chance to try different braids.


3. Half Updo With Waves And Barrettes

This would be stunning for a school dance, but I can totally see it as a chic everyday hairstyle.


4. Half Updo With Top Braid

You don’t actually need an extra person to help you achieve this top braid. You can do it with a mirror. Promise.


5. Half-Up Space Buns

There’s always a time for space buns.


6. Half Updo With Large Bow

Ditch that hair elastic and use a scarf to tie a bow in your hair. Be bold and try a large printed scarf.


7. Waterfall Braid Half Updo

There is a reason they call them waterfall braids.


8. Braided And Twisted Half Updo

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This is so simple, but so cute. Note the placement of the hair accessories.


9. Side Braid With Clips 

When the front layers of your hair aren’t cooperating, the side braid will save the day.


10. Wavy Half Updo With Twist

Simply twisting that mini ponytail around itself can create a fresh look. The tousled texture enhances the effect.


11. Twisted Bun Half Updo

It’s not just about huns on the top of the head, people. This ballerina bun is a timeless half updo.


12. Double Braid Half Updo

Braid your front layers back, put some pins in them, and you have yourself a cute half updo. It couldn’t be easier.


13. Twist And Braids Half Updo

Forget about having every hair and braid in place. A random look can actually be one of the prettiest.


14. Waterfall Braid With Bun Half Updo

This has a Game of Thrones vibe and I’m so into it.


15. Half-Up Hun

Wear that hun proudly. Give locks a good mist of hairspray so they stand tall.


16. Multiple Braids Half Updo

There are so many things you can do with braids. “Stack” them in rows. They don’t have to be perfect.


17. Beaded Half Updo 

This is a gorgeous interpretation of a half updo. You don’t need the hair beads, but if you got them flaunt them. Same goes with your natural hair texture.


18. Half Up Ponytail

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Hands up if you’re getting I Dream Of Jeannie mixed with Ariana Grande vibes?


What’s your favorite way to wear your hair? Let us know in the comments!


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