11 Gorgeous Galaxy Makeup Ideas To Try For Halloween

There have been a lot of big things in beauty. Mermaids and unicorns are two *massive* trends. We also cannot forget about the galaxy theme. It’s something that has taken over pretty much all aspects of life. That makes it a perfect idea for a trendy Halloween costume.

A galaxy-inspired Halloween costume is also a great option if you want to show off/practice your makeup skills. You can paint your face to create an out-of-this-world look. Then it really won’t matter what you wear. Everyone will be too busy admiring your on point makeup. Although, I must say that a rainbow hair color (real, wig, or temporary) does add to the otherworldly effect.

Click through the gallery to see 11 gorgeous galaxy makeup looks that will impress all your friends on Halloween.

Pink, Purple, And Yellow Galaxy Makeup

I can totally picture this at a festival, but it would work just as well for Halloween. Just the purple smokey eye would slay. Then you add in the rest of the face paint. It's soooooooo pretty.

Image source: Instagram/makeupbynoac

Pink And Black Galaxy Makeup

I'm obsessing with every look on this list. This is a simpler version of galaxy makeup. You don't have to worry about layers of complicated face paint. Note that it still will turn heads. The contrast of the black, white, and pink is very lovely. Notice the neon pink and white just under the brow bones. You would probably never apply your everyday makeup like this but it slays in a look like this.

Image source: Instagram/mooselovesu

Galaxy Zipper Makeup

Zipper makeup has become such a popular technique for Halloween. This unique makeup look brings together the galaxy and zipper makeup trends. The peek-a-boo of *sky* is fabulous but you could also try the reverse with your natural skin being under the zipper and the rest of your face being decorated with the galaxy print.

Image source: Instagram/kelseyellenn

Purple Galaxy And Natural Gold Makeup

Get a load of this juxtaposition. I get the tendency to want to cover your entire face with makeup to create a spell-binding effect. This makeup look proves that leaving parts of your natural skin visible can create a dynamic look. It was very clever to leave the eyes and lips natural then jazz them up with the metallic gold.

Image source: Instagram/sophiekitkat

Dripping Face Galaxy Makeup

I love this interpretation. The way the lips have been muted out with the purple and *sparkly* white starry sky is brilliant. Then you add in the natural eye. Note that you don't need to bother with the colored contacts. The look would be just as striking if you kept your eye color. People will be appreciating all the detail work.

Image source: Instagram/aureadamiao

Universe Inside Your Head Galaxy Makeup

The photo obviously plays up this effect. Without *your face* in your hand, it would still be an interesting look. If you want to bring the effect into real life, you can print out a photo of yourself and carry it around at your Halloween party. Just make sure that the proportions of your photo remain true to size for the more realistic effect.

Image source: Instagram/powermakeupbyeli

Special Effects Galaxy Makeup

Want to experiment with some FX makeup on Halloween? It's something that most of us don't get to do every day so it's fun for Halloween. This *hidden galaxy* makeup is clever because it's creepy without relying on the usual blood, guts, and gore. It looks very impressive, but it's not that complicated to do.

Image source: Instagram/wednesdays_forte

Purple And Purple Half-Face Galaxy Makeup

It's like someone has gone and slapped the night sky on half of her face. It's so cool. The sparkly blue lipstick ties in the magical sky above. Sparkle has been used to give the effect of shimmering moonlight.

Image source: Instagram/alicedickson

Northern Lights Galaxy Makeup Mask

Why wear a mask when you can paint a mask on your face? Any sort of mask makeup would look cool, but I highly encourage you to get inspired by this northern light makeup. Who knows, it might actually cure your phobia of bold eyeshadows in the process.

Image source: Instagram/kelliecorbet

Purple Galaxy Face And Body Paint

This is very impressive. It's up to you if you want to extend your galaxy design down your neck and chest. If you want to focus on your face, you can wear a black or purple outfit. What I suggest you copy from this look no matter what is the lighter *highlighted* part in the center of the face with the darker edges.

Image source: Instagram/linda.steinberga

Half-Black Galaxy Makeup

It's so fun to see all of the interpretations of the trend. Here, it's like the moon is concealing half of this galaxy makeup. You can name the different constellations, too. And I cannot ignore the sweeping light pink cat eye flick. It ties in the rest of the celestial makeup.

Image source: Instagram/clementineplus

Do you know how you want to do your makeup for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!


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