7 Things Everyone Should Do During A Test For Better Grades

Studying is *extremely* important. The thing is that you can study so you know the information inside and out, but you can have a poor test writing technique that brings your entire game down.

If you have a good teacher he/she might have given you some pointers on how to conquer that test. Maybe you didn’t fully appreciate them at the time because you were hoping for hints on test questions. Or, maybe you didn’t see the point of them. Trust me when I say that how you approach a test really can make a difference in your grades. Yes, you obviously need to know the answers but some of the tips can help.

Here are seven things that everyone should do during a test to help them ace it.

Review The Entire Thing

As soon as some people get a test, they like to start on the first question on the first page. I get the temptation to want to start ASAP, but reviewing the test can be helpful. That way, you know how many pages you have to get through and you can see how much the questions are weighed. It'll also prevent you from being *surprised* at the end by a question you never saw coming.

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Give Yourself Time Limits For Certain Sections

If you've looked over the test like I suggested in the previous point, you can figure out how much time you can devote to each section. It'll help you stayed focused and hopefully finish on time. What's more, it takes only a couple minutes to come up with your game plan.

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Leave Nothing Blank

You can't get a mark if you haven't written anything down. Even if you don't know something, it's better to come up with a guess than put a big fat question mark down on the page. In almost any subject, you could be given marks for certain key points. For example, in math your formula might be good. In history or science, you might get marks for mentioning key terms. And don't ever think you shouldn't write something down because you'll be embarrassed if it's wrong. That's just hurting you and your marks.

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Play To Your Strengths

Test formats vary, but a lot of teachers like to put the shorter things at the front of the test that are worth less, like multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, one-word answers. The back is normally where the essay questions are. And they can take up a good chunk of time. Just because the test has a page one doesn't mean you need to answer it first. If you want to start off with the essay questions because you want to ensure you have enough time for those, do them. Some people might prefer to work on the shorter questions so it can get their brains churning about the essay question.

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Look For Answers In The Questions

If you have a lot of multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions, pay attention to them because the phrases might actually hold keywords or even answers to other questions. For instance, if you don't remember a term or an important character's name, it might be written in one of the previous questions. There might even be a statement about a key method or plot in a story. Think of them like little test Easter eggs.

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Ask If You Don't Understand Something

Are you not sure what a word means in a question? Are you unsure what part of the diagram your teacher is referring to? Ask. Don't assume because assuming wrong will cost you marks. A bunch of other students might have the same question as you so you'll be helping them out. There might even be a mistake with the question. If your teacher says he/she cannot answer it because it has to do with the answer to the test, at least you know you've tried.

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Check It Over

I totally understand that when you're finished a test you want to hand it in and be done with it. Unless you are writing until the very last second when your teacher calls time, use those spare moments to check your test over. I have seen and heard one too many stories about how people have skipped questions and entire pages in their test writing frenzy and never realized it. And triple check that there's nothing on the back page. Make sure that you've read the questions correctly and you've answered everything that was meant to be answered. Watch out for second and third parts of questions.

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What are your best study tips? Let us know in the comments!


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