8 Important Things To Know About Your First Period

In life, one of the biggest things that I’ve learned so far on my relatively short time on the planet is that it’s better to be prepared. Even if you haven’t experienced something and/or done it before, knowing what to expect can make the situation a lot easier. I can get the temptation of not wanting to worry about something quite yet, but you will actually be better in long run when you’re informed. It can apply to a lot of things including first periods.

You might have heard the science side about first periods thanks to health class. Even if it was cringe-worthy and you were tested on it, the information probably will be beneficial to some degree. To add to it, I’m sharing some important facts that will help you when you surf the crimson tide for the the first time. Click through the gallery to see eight important things everyone should know about their first period.

It Will Likely Be On The Light Side

Don't expect your period to come rolling into town and rolling hard. It's likely that your first period will be lighter than your regular flow. Similarly, don't assume what you're seeing is going to be your *regular* period. Your first period might not be a *proper* period at all. It could be a bit of spotting or only last one to two days.

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The Blood Can Be Different Colors

You're probably very familiar with what blood looks like. Know that period blood might not look like the type of blood you're used to seeing with cuts. It can be a lot darker. Sometimes, it can be brownish and sometimes it can be blackish. It can also be chunky. Don't panic when you see it. It's normal.

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Tracking It Can Help You Out Later

When you get your period, it can be helpful to write when it starts and when it ends on a calendar. I'm not suggesting it so you can have a period anniversary or anything. I'm suggesting it because if you keep it up, you can get an idea of what your cycle is like. Knowing your cycle is helpful because it can track PMS symptoms. What's more, you'll be able to realize when something is off.

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You Might Notice Vaginal Discharge Before It

Normally, vagina discharge will start about six months before you get your period. If you notice a whitish or clear film or liquid in your underwear, that is discharge. And there's nothing wrong with it. It's actually your vagina's way of cleaning itself. If you notice when you get discharge, you can expect your period to come shortly after it.

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Your Second Period Might Not Come When You Think it Will

Periods are unpredictable things, especially at the beginning. The average cycle is about 28 days, give or take a couple here and there. However, some people have irregular periods. And a lot of people's periods are very irregular at the beginning. It should settle with time, but this is why I previously suggested tracking your period on a calendar so you have an idea of what's going on.

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You Might Not Want To Try Tampons At First

There are lots of different things you can use you're menstruating. You can try pads, tampons, menstrual cups, you name it. It's a personal choice and should be about what works with your lifestyle. Some people aren't ready to try tampons at first because it's another thing to try and figure out and it's *extremely* important to remember to change them regularly because of toxic shock syndrome. If you feel you're ready for tampons, good for you. If not, no worries. Some people never even wear them.

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You Could Experience PMS Symptoms

Even people who have had their periods for years can be surprised by PMS symptoms. Cramping, bloating, headaches, mood swings, random cravings. You never really know what you're going to get. You could get some symptoms before your first period. And you might not link them to menstruating. It's understandable. You might think you're getting a cold. Or, you might just feel like *crap* and wonder what is going on.

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It's Always Best To Be Prepared

You might be embarrassed about the idea of getting a period. Don't be. Know that it's a normal thing. It's also a wise move to be prepared because it will save you so much stress. A lot of people carry period kits around with them with tampons and/or pads, and underwear. It can be helpful to have one always with you in your backpack or purse. Who knows, you might have a friend who gets her period and they will be in a bind. You will be able to help her out.

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What concerns you about getting your period? Let us know in the comments!


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