20 Cool Style Tips On How To Wear Berets

Even though it seems like the heat waves keep coming back, the weather is definitely getting crisper. After all, we’re over halfway through September. With the changing of the seasons, you might be thinking about swapping your baseball caps and floppy hats for something a bit more substantial. You might not be ready for a nubby beanie quiet yet, but how about a beret?

Berets are soooo chic. They’ll also keep your head warm but they’re not so hot that they’ll have you dripping with sweat on warmer days. They also add a French girl vibe to your outfit, and who doesn’t want that? Most people love to play into the look with a striped top, skinny black pants, and maybe a touch of red lipstick. But there are equally chic, and might I say more unexpected, ways to wear a beret than the classic gamine look.

Get inspired by 20 cool style tips on how to wear a beret.

1. White Sweater, Black Cropped Pants, And Black Beret

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Simple outfit.

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This is so chic and timeless. It shows that less can sometimes be more.


2. Off-The-Shoulder Dress, Red Beret, And Sneakers

Want to make the most of the summer weather but try a new fall style? Try a brightly colored beret with an off-the-shoulder dress and white sneakers.


3. Yellow Beret, White Sweater, And Plaid Pants

This has an Audrey Hepburn vibe about it and I’m all here for it. I love the injection of yellow.


4. Teal Beret And Boots With Beige Sweater And White Jeans

This is how you wear white after Labor Day. I’m also hoping for rainy days now so I can rock a bright beret with matching Wellington boots.


5. Black Beret And Top, Plaid Pants, And White Sneakers

Here’s more proof that a beret and plaid pants go together so well. The sneakers and brown bag bring something fresh.


6. Red Beret, Camo Jacket, Scarf, Black Skinny Pants, And Chunky Boots

When the mercury drops, layer up by mixing different patterns, colors, and styles. All of the clothes have a strong, utilitarian feel so they have a cohesive finish.


7. Red Embellished Beret, Pale Blue Blazer, And Black Skirt

You can pair your beret with almost anything. Here, an embellished hat adds some coziness to the tailored jacket and pencil skirt.


8. Purple Beret, Track Jacket, And Skirt

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You can’t go wrong with matching your beret to your top, especially when they’re in a pretty shade of purple. BRB, going to go search for this combination.


9. Beret, Black Top, Denim Mini Skirt, And Knee-High Socks

How cute is this? This outfit has a little bit of everything. I love how fun the denim skirt is with the high socks and beret.


10. Red Beret, Graphic T-Shirt, And Stone-Washed Jeans

I want to be the type of person who lounges in a cool outfit like this, complete with red lipstick and adorable dog. The ensemble would look just as cute worn out with sneakers or flats.


11. Studded Beret, Denim Jacket, Jeans, And Yellow Fanny Pack

Who said that you can’t wear double denim? And who said you can’t wear white sunglasses with a beret? Some rules were made to be broken.


12. Gingham Dress, Black Tights, And Beret

Introducing the perfect trans-seasonal outfit. You can adjust the thickness of your tights depending on the temperature. And you can leave everything else the same.


13. Denim Jacket, White Top, Pleated Skirt, Gray Beret

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I bet you have all the elements of this look so you can recreate it at home without buying anything. Of course, I understand the temptation if you want to buy a new skirt.


14. Beige Beret, Printed Dress, And Sunglasses

Bring a summer dress into the fall with a beret. Cute shoes will always be welcome.


15. Black Beret, Beige Coat, And Navy Dress

Do you wish you were one of those girls who always manages to look effortless? Take inspo from this look.


16. Pink Beret, Fuzzy Vest, Blue Jeans, And Boots

Hands up if you want the cool weather so you can wear a pink beret and fuzzy vest? I also love how she coordinated her eye makeup with the lewk.


17. Black Beret, Trench Coat, Scarf, And Black Pants

You cannot go wrong with a trench. Period. Add in black pants, a tan tote, and ballet flats and you have a look that will be just as amazing, five, 10, and 15 years from now.


18. Red Beret, White T-Shirt, And Gingham Playsuit

Because it’s not time to put away the rompers yet. Tights will give them a few extra weeks. Then you can add a thicker pair of tights and a long-sleeved top or a jacket.


19. Beret, Off-The-Shoulder Top, And Skirt

There’s a strong Instagram aesthetic going on here, but we can still make out the on point outfit. It’s another fab summer-to-fall style with the mini skirt, long-sleeved off-the-shoulder top, and beret.


20. Black Beret, White Sweater, And Skinny Black Jeans

When in doubt, stick with white and black and you will look extremely chic without having to worry about coordinating colors.


What’s your favorite hat style? Let us know in the comments!


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