17 Memes You’ll Totally Relate To If You Love Halloween

It’s about this time of year after the pumpkin spice lattes have come out and the first leaves have dropped that everyone starts talking about Halloween. If you’re someone who loves Halloween, you’re probably thrilled to see people getting into the Halloween spirit. At the same time, you probably wonder what has taken them so long to get their spook on.

If you’re a hardcore Halloween fan, you know that Halloween goes waaaaaaay beyond October 31. It’s practically a way of life for some. And fans are down to talk about Halloween any time, whether it’s May or November. Do you agree? If you do, scroll down to see 17 funny memes that you will relate to if you’re obsessed with Halloween.

1. What?

I don’t think I can be friends with you.


2. Looking for the first day of fall like…

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Halloween will soon be here.


3. You’ve been preparing your binge-watching sessions.

TV is Halloween-ready.


4. What I’m always thinking about.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s October, December, or June.


5. Not crying about summer being over.

Just wait until I start carving this pumpkin, baby.


6. You since May.

Is it time yet?


7. It’s a squad thing.

We bring the spook.


8. Getting ready.

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Counting down the seconds.


9. Do you have to ask?

That would be a yes.


10. Gotta invest.

Sometimes it takes a lot of cash to deliver the scares.


11. Yup.

Always ready.


12. He’s not the only one.

Actually, can we extend the time period?


13. What one are you?

Always full out, no matter the costume.


14. Stop what I’m doing.

Must. Have. It. All.


15. Never too early.

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And I still want more Halloween emojis.


16. So is this how things are going to be now?



17. Oooooh yeah.

Gimme it all.


What do you do for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!


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