14 Surprising Concealer Mistakes You’re Making

Applying a gorgeous makeup look is about knowing what not to do as much as it is knowing what to do. If you know what’s wrong, you will hopefully be able to pick up when you’re treading in dangerous waters and correct your look. We’ve previously talked about foundation mistakes, lipstick mistakes, and bronzer mistakes. Now, I’m going to chat about concealer mistakes.

Don’t become so preoccupied with ensuring that your foundation is flawless that you slack with your concealer. A crummy concealer application can ruin the most flawless, airbrushed foundation. Let’s get real, when you have a too-light, too-orange, too-cakey concealer, that’s all people are going to be looking at. They won’t be staring at your on point cut crease makeup or glittery lipstick.

If you want your makeup to look as professional and as flawless as possible, take a look at 14 surprising concealer mistakes you’re making.

1. Using the wrong shade on your under eyes.


Under eye concealers are very important to get right. You want to cover up those dark circles as opposed to enhance them. When you choose the wrong concealer shade, it can actually draw more attention to your dark circles. Some suggest a shade that’s one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone to brighten the area. But, you need to make sure it’s just one or two shades otherwise it’ll look like you have an awkward ring around your eyes.


2. Applying waaaaaaay too much.


If you love watching beauty tutorials online, you might have gotten an idea from some of them that more product equals better. It might look good on Instagram, but in real life it will come across as looking way overdone. You want people to see you — not your concealer. Start off with a bit and you can always layer on more. In fact, layering different coats as opposed to applying a ton at once will help your makeup stay on longer.


3. Not applying your concealer in the right light.


This is a tip that applies to all makeup. You need to apply your makeup in the best light. Ideally, it’s natural daylight. I know that sometimes we don’t have that luxury but at least try to apply your makeup in the best light you can. You don’t want to go out in daylight and be shocked when you see what your makeup looks like. Using good light will give you a better sense of how much product to apply and how much to blend it.


4. Not setting your concealer.


If you want to ensure that your concealer stays on, set it with powder. You can think of the powder as the period at the end of a sentence. The layering help prevents the concealing from sliding off skin. This is especially important it you have oily or combination skin.


5. Using too light of a shade.


I talked about it being okay to use a concealer one to two shades lighter for your eyes, but everywhere else you will want an exact match. If you use too light of a shade on our pimples, it will look like you have little whitish dots all over your face. That is not a good look. Even if you think you’ve sufficiently blended your concealer, it can still show up in strong light and in photos.


6. Not using a concealer that’s right for your skin type.


Do you have oily skin? Try to look for oil-free concealers. Is your skin very dry? Shop for a moisturizing creamy formula that won’t enhance flakes. Do you have acne? Make sure you’re looking for non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and even non-acnegenic concealers. There are a lot of great concealer formulas on the market, but it’s always best to get one that’s suited to your skin type as opposed to getting any random good one.


7. Not blending it in properly.


After getting the right shade, blending is probably the most important thing. How you blend is up to you. You can use your fingers, a brush, sponge, or blender, or some combination. Just make sure that you blend and blend well. The goal is seamless.


8. Applying it in the wrong order.


Concealer or foundation first, that is the question. Most makeup artists go with foundation first and concealer on top. The reason is that foundation is meant to applied all over to even everything out. The concealer is meant to be used on the areas you need a little extra coverage.


9. Using the wrong concealer for the job.


There are concealers specifically meant for pimples and ones that are specifically meant for under eyes. In an effort to save time and money, you might think that using one product over the entire face will be best. It should be fine if you’re using a multipurpose concealer but you can run into problems when you’re using a specific product all over because the formulations are often different. For example, concealers for pimples can sometime contain acne-fighting ingredients. Those are too harsh to be applying around the eye area.

10. Using too big of a brush.


When it comes to concealers, you likely want to use the smallest brush you have, especially if you’re covering a pimple. The goal is to cover the pimple as opposed to the area around it. If you use too big of a brush, you will create a ring of color around the concealer. A slightly stiffer brush gives you more of a precise finish.


11. Not factoring in your undertone when buying concealer.


Undertone is as important as skin tone when you’re choosing a concealer. You might have a close shade match, but the wrong undertone can make the concealer look unnatural. Thankfully, a lot of makeup brands indicate concealer undertones. If you don’t know your undertone, try a few similar shades and you’ll notice what concealer is the best for you. Check out the label and it should state the undertone. They vary from brand to brand but they can include yellow and pink undertones as well as neutral, warm, and cool.

12. Going crazy with the color correctors. 


Color correctors are another thing that people can go crazy with. Remember that less is more. Just a few dabs will be enough to counteract redness, or bluish dark circles. You also don’t want to be heavy-handed with the color correctors because that means you’ll have to layer more concealer on top.


13. Using it all over your face.


Concealer is not foundation. Plus, if you’re applying concealer all of your face, it’s much likelier it will look like a mask compared to if you applied foundation all over. Stick with concealer for specific areas. If you want to cover your whole face, use foundation.


14. Not checking your concealer each season.


Our skin gets lighter and darker, depending on the season or if we went on vacation. Don’t settle for a concealer just because you have it in your makeup bag. For example, the concealer shade you use in the winter could be way too light for your tanned summer skin. It can be helpful to have two different shades so you can blend them depending on how tan you are. For this reason, some people prefer to use concealer palettes.


What other makeup mistakes have you made? Let us know in the comments!


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