15 Pumpkin Makeup Looks You Can’t Beat For Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, you cannot get any more classic than a pumpkin. Pumpkins even beat black cats, bats, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls.

Pumpkins might be synonymous with Halloween but these are still unique ways you can use them to celebrate the season. You can ditch the traditional orange jack-o-lantern in favor of a white one or something multicolored. Or, you can come up with your own DIY decoration instead of attempting to carve a big, hard, cold, messy, pumpkin. You can also incorporate the pumpkin theme into your makeup.

I’ve already talked about wearing orange and pumpkin spice makeup in the fall. This is different. I’m talking going all out for Halloween with literal pumpkin face paint. If you think that it sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be.

Click through the gallery to see 15 of the prettiest pumpkin Halloween makeup looks that will never go out of style.

Half-Pumpkin Face

This photo is fabulous because it enhances the effect of the *fallen* skin. But, you don't need to keep your hands there the entire night, if you recreate the look. Adding a few wrinkles with shading creates the illusion.

Image source: Instagram/justbeauty_4

Wide Pumpkin Mouth And Sparkly Eyes

This has a lot of impact, but it's actually quite simple to do. Basically, you're drawing an exaggerated mouth with black then adding some embellishment to your eyes. Also, notice the choice of orange face paint. It's softer and not completely opaque.

Image source: Instagram/elllockhartmua

Black Pumpkin Mouth

Orange skin and black details don't have to be the default for a pumpkin beauty look. Try doing away with one element entirely. You might be surprised by how strong the pumpkin vibes still are. See this look. The orange face paint has been swapped for a bright orange wig. And we still have the exaggerated pumpkin mouth.

Image source: Instagram/offbeatbeauty

Pumpkin Cheeks

Are you more into cute Halloween looks than scary ones? Then you need to try out this look. It's like faux freckles, but supersized. The placement is very fun. You could also wear it to some fun fall events. Make sure you keep the brown lipstick for the full autumnal effect.

Image source: Instagram/evensyaxo

Minimalist Pumpkin Makeup

Can't be bothered with anything too intense? Or, are you worried that your makeup skills aren't at the professional level required for some detailed makeup looks. Anyone can pull off this pumpkin makeup look. Promise. Simply dust on some orange eyeshadow and use a fine-tipped black eyeliner to draw squiggles around your eyes. Add black lipstick to finish.

Image source: Instagram/meganelizabeth74

Cracked Half Pumpkin

Can't decide between a pretty pumpkin makeup look and pumpkin face paint? Who says you have to choose? You can do both with a two-faced look like this. It's the best of both worlds.

Image source: Instagram/makeupby_lis.m

Jack-O-Lantern Lip Art

Who says that you have to decorate your entire face? Keep things simple with pumpkin lip art. This design has plenty of impact thanks to the gradient orange color and black outline. Just be mindful when you're munching your candy corn, mmmkay?

Image source: Instagram/downtomarsgurrl

Pumpkin Clown

Wondering what happens when you combine a pumpkin, jester, and clown? I'm imagining that you get something like this makeup look. There's just a dab of orange on the eyes but it has been used to great effect.

Image source: Instagram/simply_tesa

Pumpkin Eyes, Black Lipstick, And Striped Brows

Here's your proof that you can combine different elements in a makeup look to great effect. Best part is, they're all pretty simple things. The black lipstick and striped brows can be done in no time. The pumpkin eyes will take a bit of extra time, but they're worth it. Trust.

Image source: Instagram/emilyvonspoopy

Detailed Scary Pumpkin

It would take a lot of time and skill to carve something like this into a pumpkin. But, painting it on with makeup isn't all that complicated. Just choose a crisp black liquid eyeliner that feels comfortable to use and get designing.

Image source: Instagram/oujiiiii

Shaded Pumpkin

Check this out. The way the black has been blended into the orange to create depth and shadow totally transforms the face. You might not think you can do it, but you can. Simply break the face down into different shapes. What's more, you really only need to colors...black and orange.  The rest of the shades will be created with your blending.

Image source: Instagram/dye_an_pacheco

Sparkly Pumpkin

Everything is pretty with a bit of glitter, and this shimmering pumpkin makeup look is proof of that. Know that if you're running behind for a Halloween party, you could create this look in about 15 minutes. The thing that will take the longest is covering your face with the orange paint.

Image source: Instagram/chameleon_magic

Spooky Jack-O-Lantern

Hands up if you're getting a devil pumpkin vibe thanks to the placement of the graphic triangles on the eye lips? They remind me of horns. When it comes to Halloween, a bit of extra evil is a good thing.

Image source: Instagram/mckensiemaee

Pumpkin Eyes

Ah! This is so cute. People love to talk about lip art, but in my opinion eye art doesn't get enough love. Get people talking with this pumpkin design. It looks very pretty when finished with a pale pink lip gloss.

Image source: Instagram/luv_kaddi

Half-Pumpkin Face

The thick stripes and bold colors are striking but the thing I love most about this look is the shape. Note the way it extends down the neck and the chunk of natural skin shows through on the forehead and cheek.

Image source: Instagram/fxbymoe

What makeup look do you want to master for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!


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