8 Important Things To Know About Wearing A Thong

There were a lot of popular styles for Summer 2018. It was hard to go anywhere without seeing some form of straw accessories or an off-the-shoulder top. You might have even been converted to fanny packs and bike shorts. Another surprising piece that caused a stir was the thong. You can thank the Kardashians for a large part of that.

You might not have plans on wearing a neon thong to the beach a la Kim Kardashian, but you might be wondering whether it’s time to add some more thongs to your underwear drawer — after all, they promise no visible panty lines. But that’s not the full story with thongs. There are some other things to know about thongs which might make you consider they’re the best thing for your neither regions. Here are eight important things to know about wearing a thong. (And I will try to get through them without 800 “Thong Song” references.)

Chafing Can Happen

You might be familiar with chafing from your thighs, armpits, or maybe even your bra. So, the idea of a thong chafing your nether regions might already have you wincing. If you haven't experienced chafing of any kind, know that you're better off never experiencing it. Chafing is excessive rubbing caused by moment. With thongs, that dental floss-like strip can go back and forth, back and forth, across all the areas down there. All day. OUCH.

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The Fabric Can Cause Problems Down There

Choosing the right fabric is extremely important for all types of underwear. You want something breathable because if a fabric doesn't allow your vag to breathe, it creates an environment where bacteria can thrive. That can lead to vaginal infections. With thongs, a lot of styles aren't in breathable materials, like cotton. They're in polyesters, mesh, and scratchy-who-knows-what. Those are not the type of fabrics that are best for the health of your vagina.

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They Can Spread Bacteria

If the chafing point didn't put you off thongs, perhaps this one will. In addition to rubbing the skin raw down there, the rubbing of the thong can spread bacteria from the butt to the vagina. And that is no bueno. That leads to infections. If you already have a problem down there, wearing a thong won't make it better. In fact, it could make it worse, especially it's something that can *spread.*

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...But They Won't Necessarily Give You An Infection

If you wear a thong, it's not a guarantee that you're going to get in an infection. If your vagina is in good health and you wear a cotton thong in the right size because you want a seam-free look with a certain skirt, you should be fine. The risks go up when you start wearing the wrong material, you have vagina issues, you wear thongs all the time, you start working out in them, etc.

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They're Not Your Only Option

Is it panty lines that you're concerned with? Thongs are not your only option. Boy shorts and cheeky styles can present a seam-free finish provided there are no bulky trims on the hems. What's more, there are a lot of full-back underwear styles made out of special lightweight seam-free fabrics that don't have any seams whatsoever. The benefit of these is that they're actually very comfortable. In fact, they feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

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They Can Cut Into Your Skin

Wearing the right fitting underwear is important not just for breathability but in terms of your delicate lady bits and the sensitive surrounding area. Some thongs can fit tighter than others depending on the designer and style. And if you're wearing a too small thong, it can cut in all areas including around your hips. So, make sure you're your buying your correct size if you do want to wear a thong. Secondly, watch out for styles with elastic waistbands, especially thin ones. They have a tendency to cut.

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They Can Legit Be The Most Uncomfortable Thing

Critics of thongs say that they can make it feel like you have a permanent wedgie. TBT, that can sometimes be putting it nicely. Wear the wrong size, have a scratchy material, get a thong that doesn't fit right, wear it with the wrong outfit, or a combination of the above, and you will be very aware of every movement you make in that thong. You will feel every step and every degree you bend over. And you will be looking for an opportunity to take it off.

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They Are No Good For Working Out

If you have a thong in your gym kit, take it out. I don't care if a thong looks the best with your workout clothes. Combine a thong with exercising and you basically run into most of the problems on the list. All of the movement can lead to chafing which can even cause micro cuts. Wearing a thong to get your fitness on can be uncomfortable AF and it can spread bacteria. Plus, all that sweat won't have anywhere to go with the wrong thong material which could cause another bacterial infection.

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What’s your favorite style of underwear? Let us know in the comments!


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