17 Fun Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Door

Have you sufficiently decorated every square inch of your dorm roomWhat about the door? And I mean the outside and the inside. Yup. I thought that there might be an area that you were forgetting.

There are a lot of rules about what you can’t do to your college dorm room, but dorm doors are normally the space people encourage you to decorate. RAs often coax freshman to decorate their doors to showcase their personalities and interests. Sometimes, there’s even a prize for who has the best door.

That shouldn’t make you feel the pressure. At the end of the day, it’ll about having fun and showing who you are, like I previously mentioned. Even though the focus is often on the outside of the door, I urge you to decorate the inside, too. When you see these 17 adorable designs, you’ll be glad you have two sides of a door to jazz up.

1. Window and Flower Basket Dorm Door Decoration


This is so clever and cute. And it makes use of that stash of construction paper I know you have.


2. Multicolored Floral Garland Dorm Door Decoration


Most schools allow you to decorate your dorm doors. If yours doesn’t, you could decorate the frame of the door with a garland.


3. 3D Flowers Dorm Door Decoration


I wish I had more doors so I could do this all over. Doing the three-dimensional centers is soooooo worth the bit of extra effort.


4. Friends Photos Dorm Door Decoration


A full-length mirror is so helpful when deciding on your outfit. What makes this one special is it’s surrounded by photos of friends and has the Friends logo on the mirror.


5. Bow Dorm Door Decoration


Why should presents be limited to Christmas and birthdays? Feel like you’re “unwrapping” a present every time you enter your dorm.


6. Llama Dorm Door Decoration


You’ll be the envy of your floor if you have something this cute hanging from your door.


7. Polka Dot Dorm Door Decoration


Because everything is better with polka dots. The white gives a clean feeling which is very welcome in dorms.


8. Short Streamers And Lights Dorm Door Decoration


Got a plug near your dorm door? This is your decoration. If you don’t, at least copy the streamer “curtain.”


9. Friends Dorm Door Decoration


So simple and so iconic.


10. Harry Potter Dorm Door Decoration


More of a Harry Potter fan than a Friends one? This is your door. Don’t even think about taking it down after Halloween.


11. Diagonal Stripes Dorm Door Decoration


Grab a mixed bag of Washi Tape and you can create a diagonal design in a few simple moves.


12. Washi Tape Triangles Dorm Door Decoration


It’s Washi Tape to the rescue again! If you can’t find Washi Tape, you could use construction paper and a zero transfer tape that won’t peel the paint off your door.


13. Hearts Dorm Door Decoration


I really do heart this. The placement of the little hearts makes it even better.


14. Where Am I Dorm Door Decoration


This isn’t even on its door and I already want it. It will help your roommates and floormates keep track of where you are without the need to text you.


15. Up House Dorm Door Decoration


This is the sort of thing that will lift your spirits when you’re feeling down.


16. Monsters, Inc. Dorm Door Decoration


This is way too cute to just save for Halloween.


17.  Optical Illusion Window Dorm Door Decoration


Hahahahaha I love this. This is another window twist. You could put your and your roommates’ photos or you could do someone else. Think celebrities, animals, etc.


What DIYs have you done to decorate your dorm? Let us know in the comments!


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