16 Fun Ways To Use Wall Stickers

Are you looking for a cool decorating idea that doesn’t involve lots of complicated preparation work and isn’t a major commitment? Then allow me to introduce you to the magic that is wall stickers.

Forget about paint and wallpaper. Wall stickers can transform a space in much less time for much cheaper. What’s more, wall stickers are an alternative when you’re dealing with restrictions on what you can put on your walls (hello dorm rooms and rented apartments). And I’d like to argue that wall stickers are more interesting than other wall coverings. Instead of just sheets of paper, you can create a scene, a cool geometric effect, or use wall stickers to show off a cool feature in your room or furniture. Wall stickers allow you to express your creativity and isn’t that what decorating is all about?

See how amazing wall stickers are with these 16 decorating ideas:

1. Cascading Stars Wall Stickers


You could arrange these wall stickers in any design. This “blowing” stars design would still be pretty even if there isn’t a person standing there.


2. Gold Polka Dot Wall Stickers


There’s no need to try to create a complicated scene. A gradation of metallic polka dots is enough to transform a space.


3. Chevron Wall Sticker


The colors are gorgeous and I love how the design points towards the bed. #Obsessed


4. Falling Flower Wall Sticker


A design that has movement is especially striking. And everyone loves flowers.


5. Curved Flying Butterflies Wall Stickers


Guh. Can someone please do this exact shape in my room? Thanks.


6. Glow-In-The-Dark Ceiling Stickers


If you think some designs look cool during the day, just wait until you see glow-in-the-dark ones at night. The effect would be unique on the walls. Placing the stickers on the ceiling presents a proper night sky effect.


7. Bathroom Mirror Sticker


Everyone should be greeted with a positive message when they enter the bathroom in the morning.


8. Framed Wall Art


You could actually use wall stickers to create framed art. It’s much easier than trying to paint the letters freehand.


9. Bird Window Frame Sticker


Is it a bird? It’s a bird wall sticker. And it’s one of the cutest things I have seen. People will definitely do a double take when they see it.


10. Sticker And Light Mirror


Because wall stickers don’t always need to be used on walls. I love the addition of the lights.


11. Gold Polka Dot Wall Stickers


This is #goals. Period. The pink waves plus the metallic stickers are gorgeous.


12. Leaf And Bird Wall Stickers


This is such a great jumping off point because it shows how we can use stickers to frame pieces of furniture.


13. Blowing Dandelion Wall Sticker


The way it looks like the dandelion is blowing away but frozen in time is striking. It’s also interesting to see the lighter wall sticker against the darker wall.


14. Polka Dot Confetti Wall Stickers


Confetti is pretty but messy AF. This wall art has the look of throwing confetti minus any of the mess.


15. Framed Sticker Collage


Still not comfortable about putting a sticker directly on the wall? Add stickers to a poster then frame it. This collage idea is great if you have an impressive sticker collection.


16. Metallic Polka Dot Stickers And Collages


The stickers don’t need to be the only thing on your walls. The polka dots help fill up the empty space surrounding the collages and frames.


Have you ever decorated with wall stickers? Let us know in the comments!


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