17 Stunning Leaf Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Fall

Is fall your favorite season? There are more ways to celebrate it than stocking up on cozy sweaters, going on nature walks, and attempting to drink your body weight im pumpkin spice lattes. If you want to commemorate the season in a more permanent fashion, you could get a tattoo inspired by it. And a leaf tattoo is about as fall as you can get.

There are many leaf designs from bamboo leaves to palm tree leaves to abstract leaves that are different from anything found in nature. The most popular fall leaf tattoos involve maple leaves typically decorated in a gorgeous gradient pattern of red, orange, and yellow. Some people like to add extra trimmings via other classic fall symbols such as pumpkins, acorns and even the occasional animal.

As for placement, a fall leaf tattoo can work pretty much anywhere. It can be scaled down to fit a tiny body part or enlarged to show the detail. And there’s no rule that says you have to stop at one leaf.

Keep scrolling down to see 17 gorgeous leaf tattoo ideas that will appeal to fall fans.

1. Double Ankle Leaves

Two leaves are better than one. The subtle orange-yellow gradient is lovely.


2. Leaf Wrist Tattoo

It’s nice to see a different leaf shape. The gradation is also unique.


3. Red And Yellow Watercolor Leaf Wrist Tattoo

There’s just something so invigorating about the design with the splashes of color. Note the water droplets.


4. Green And Yellow Double Leaf Tattoo

You could get coordinating leaf tattoos with someone, or you could get a set on your own. The green leaf against the autumn one really pops.


5. Black And Orange Thigh Tattoo 

This maple tattoo is so bold. It has a Halloween vibe which is perfect for the season.


6. Leaf Neck Tattoo

When you wear your hair up, everyone will see your surprise ink. Just make sure you don’t wear a shirt with a collar.


7. Squirrel And Leaves Ankle Tattoo

It’s a squirrel, you guys.


8. Shoulder Leaf And Heart Tattoo

I love the way the heart is formed from the veins on the leaf.


9. Leaf Watercolor Arm Tattoo

The detail on this is amazing. Those look like legit water droplets.


10. Black And White Leaf Arm Tattoo

There are so many ways you can put a unique twist on a maple tattoo. This one combines the colors of fall with a dotwork design in a cool geometric way.


11. Bee And Leaf Tattoo

This is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful.


12. Fall And Winter Leaf Tattoo

For those who love winter as much as fall.


13. Red And Yellow Arm Tattoo

This is electric.


14. Acorn And Leaf Black And White Tattoo

Beautiful composition. With all the detail, you don’t miss the color.


15. Falling Leaves Tattoo

The leaves are falling, falling, falling.


16. Pumpkin Cauldron, Leaf, And Acorn Tattoo

For those who really love fall.


17. Yellow, Orange, Red Maple Leaf Tattoo

This is so soft and oh-so-pretty. It has a completely different effect without the black outline.


What tattoo do you want to get next? Let us know in the comments!


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