19 Tweets About Summer Being Over That You Will Understand

You probably don’t need reminding, but Labor Day is passed and we’re a few days into September. Yup, summer is over and fall is a coming. You probably have a lot of feelings about the situation, especially if you’re headed being forced to go back to school.

It’s an adjustment to go from the long, seemingly endless days of summer to the cooler, busy, frantic days of fall. And it can make us feel a lot of things. Some people are taking to Twitter to express exactly how they are feeling. Scroll down to see 19 tweets about summer being over that you will relate to:

1. Ugh, yes.

Why does time have to be like this?


2. That emoji though.

It has all the feels.


3. Where did it go?

Can we go back to the start and have a do-over?


4. Rather be sleeping.

Seriously, what is the point of school?


5. Challenge: Get out of going to class.

Who else wants to participate in the mission?


6. Here for summer but not the humidity.

Cannot handle 100 degrees.


7. Trying to be positive.

Shopping can cheer you up.


8. Is it too early to be excited for Christmas?

Cozy blankets for all!


9. Guh.



10. Why must all good times come to an end?

Who else is very sad?



*Wipes eyes*


12. Hoping to jump forward in time.

Can this be over already?


13. When it starts getting dark at 4 o’clock.

Not ready for the long hibernation.


14. We feel you.

It’s B-A-D.


15. When you’re feeling conflicted.

Very sad, but also ready for the pumpkin spice.


16. Just no.

Let’s rewind to July 13.


17. Big mistake.

The only thing worse than summer ending is morning classes.


18. When you’re looking at your summer photos like.

Take me back. Please. Pretty please.


19. When it’s so upsetting so you can’t even talk about it.



What are you most sad about summer being over? What excites you about fall? Let us know in the comments!


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