18 Fun Photo Frame DIYs For Your Dorm

One of the complaints about dorm rooms besides how small they are is that they can feel impersonal. If you’re a college freshman, it can be a difficult thing to get your head around, especially when you’ve been used to a custom bedroom for 18ish years that was decorated to suit your tastes. The way to make your dorm feel more comfortable is to personalize it. Of course, there are limitations outlined in your dorm’s rules that make it harder to do in comparison to decorating your bedroom at home. But it can be done. And DIYs are a great way to do it.

Photos are one of the easiest ways to cure homesickness and make your dorm room feel like your space as opposed to a generic box. The internet is filled with creative ways to show off your photos. You can do some pretty special things, but don’t discount photo frames. They’re a timeless decorating thing, they keep your photos protected, and that square frame is just begging for some embellishment.

Keep scrolling to see 18 adorable photo frame DIYs that will personalize your dorm room. Try one or try a bunch.

1. Washi Tape Photo Frame


Ah, Washi tape how I love you for turning something basic into something adorable.


2. Easy Minimalist Photo Frame


This could not be simpler and gets all your photos up. There’s no excuse about not having enough time to do this DIY.


3. Fabric Photo Frame


Covering photo frames with fabric is a classic. I love how this design is extra squishy thanks to padding.


4. Origami Photo Frame


Practice your origami technique and end up with a gorgeous photo frame. Win, win.


5. Stick Photo Frame


Bring a bit of nature indoors with you. Just make sure the sticks are completely dry, clean, and not rotten.


6. Button Photo Frame


Most people have a bag of buttons in their sewing baskets. If not, you can likely buy them in bulk for cheap. Then you can make all the button photo frames you want. A monochromatic theme presents a chic finish.


7. Lego Photo Frame


You know that box of  Lego you have lying around? Make sure of it.


8. Cardboard And Yarn Photo Frame


Who would have thought that a bit of cardboard and yarn could produce something so cute?


9. Colored Pencil Photo Frame


Got some old pencil crayons that are too short to color with? Here’s a fun way to make use of them.


10. Melted Bead Photo Frame


You probably have this craft kit. Instead of the melted bead cup holders, try this frame.


11. Bow And Button Photo Frame


This is so sophisticated. I’m in love.


12. Unicorn Photo Frame


Because everyone could do with more unicorn stuff. Choose close-up photos so it looks like the person has a unicorn horn on their head.


13. Vintage Mirror Photo Frame


Keep an eye out for vintage mirrors so you can create a collection of these beautiful photo frames. Sometimes you won’t even need the coat of paint on the mirrors.


14. Popsicle And Ribbon Photo Frame


You probably did a craft like this during your early days at school. This shows how chic you can make Popsicle photo frames.


15. Flower, Bow, And Ladybug Photo Frame


How sweet is this? Get thee to a craft store and source some similar stuff to decorate a plain wooden frame.


16. Feather Photo Frame


Look closely: Do you see the feathers? You can DIY this by picking up a bag of feathers at your local crafts store. It’s your call whether you want to go for realistic ones or whimsical designs.


17. Flower Photo Frame


This is absolutely massive but you can take the same idea and scale it down for a 4 x 6″ photo frame, or another smaller size.


18. Embellished Bow Frame


Less is more with this elegant photo frame. Just a ribbon bow and a fancy brooch are needed to transform a plain old frame.


What photo frames do you want to create? Let us know in the comments!


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