18 Dorm Decor Ideas That Are Actually Realistic

I love looking at dorm room decorating ideas. What I don’t love is seeing pimped out dorm rooms that there’s no way the average college student could ever recreate. There’s nothing wrong having #dormroomgoals and aspirations, but things that aren’t realistic aren’t helpful. They just make you feel frustrated, am I right?

We’re not living in Instagram-perfect, decorating magazine-approved fantasy land. We’re living in the real world where we have college decorating rules to abide by and college budgets. That’s why I’m dedicating this post to dorm room decorating ideas that are actually realistic. They’re still stylish and #dormroomgoals, but best of all, they’re attainable.

Scroll down to see 18 dorm decorating ideas that anyone can do, including you.

1. Pillows, Rug, And Posters


This white, pale pink, and gray color scheme is very chic. It also shows how a few simple additions can transform a dorm room and make it more inviting.


2. Pillows, Square Lights, And Photo Board


This is cute, simple, and won’t blow your budget. Photos are always welcome in a dorm room.


3. Mirror And Wall Collage


Here’s a great way to create a creative beauty nook. It also makes use of your Polaroids.


4. Fairy Lights And Posters Dorm Room


Dorms can sometimes be dark. Fairy lights on the ceiling add some extra light and make the room look extra cozy.


5. Poster Wall With Lights


Dress up those plain dorm room walls with a massive poster collage. This one is interesting because there’s a bit of breathing room between the posters.


6. Magazine Collage With Lights


Here’s a way to upgrade those plain beige walls without a lick of paint.


7. Shaggy Rug, Pillows, And Wall Decorating


Doesn’t this bedroom look cozy? When you break it down, there really aren’t that many elements that have been added.


8. Wall Hangings And Pillows


If you love a boho aesthetic, this is for you. If you’re into a different style of decorating, you can still take inspiration from the bones of this idea.


9. Desk Collage, Photos, And Whiteboard


Studying won’t be quite as bad if you have a pretty study space like this.


10. Wall Poster Collage 


This looks seriously impressive but all it involves is tearing out posters and taping them with easy-to-remove, not-paint-wrecking tape. Then add in a few pillows to make your dorm bed comfortable.


11. Wall Collage, Stacked Pillows, And Desk


It doesn’t take much to transform a space. Note the makeup stand. That is #goals.


12. Paint Chip Collage


Definitely going to my nearest decorating store so I can copy this idea.


13. Lights, Fluffy Pillows, Blankets, And Photos


The coordinated colors give this room a “finished” appearance. It has got a playful girly vibe.


14. Lights With Photos, Pillows, And Wall Hanging 


By now, you are probably starting to see some key things that are repeating over and over.


15. Oversized Wall Hanging And Lights


No paint and wallpaper, no problem. Hang any sort of fabric from a scarf to a poster to a piece of material on the wall. Instant decorating upgrade.


16. Decorated Mirror 


A full-length mirror is great. It’s even better when it’s jazzed up with stickers.


17. Photo Collage, Wall Collage, And Lights


Love the motto and the collage.


18. Massive Wall Collage, Pillows, And Bunting 


You could do a mini collage on your wall. Or, you could cover your entire half of the room.


How do you want to decorate your dorm? Let us know in the comments!


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