9 Things To Do With Your College Roommates To Make Your Lives Easier

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your college roommate(s) there are countless options, including plenty of things if you have no budget. Having fun with your roomie/roomies is a great way to get to know each other. I definitely want you to get to know your roomie and have fun, but don’t become so focused on bonding that you forget about some practical things.

You are your roommate(s) are sharing one small space which means that your lives are intertwined whether you like it or not. That means there will be some merging of schedules, routines, and sometimes personal things. To make things the most enjoyable for both parties, it can be helpful to establish a few things. If you do it from the beginning (read: shortly after move-in day) it will hopefully spare you some awkward moments and/or fights later on.

I know that you have a lot on your starting college to-do list, but try to make time for these. It’ll make your life easier. Trust. Here are nine important things to do with your college roommate(s).

Share Your Emergency Contact Details

One of the first things that you'll probably do with your new roomies is exchange numbers and probably emails. While you're doing that, it's a wise idea to share your emergency contact details or at least put them in an obvious spot, if your roommate ever needs them. Then encourage her to do the same. If anything were to ever happen, your school will have those details on file, but it can save a lot of time and stress if your roommate also has them. She would likely be the one to notice something is up first so it can make the situation more helpful and hopefully resolve it that much sooner.

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Establish A Basic Guest Policy

Your dorm will have guest policies that will hopefully stop a lot of awkward situations but they can still happen. You don't want to come back to your dorm room and find yourself looked out because your roomie has a *guest* over. Nor do you want a person pretty much living in your dorm. So, work together to establish some ground rules, especially if either party has a SO or is planning on having company over. Are you going to have code work for when you need some privacy? Are you going to do the old sock on the door trick? Do you want guests to be out by a certain time? How do you feel by overnight guests? You don't have to figure out every aspect, but it's helpful to figure out enough so you know where everybody stands.

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Consider Sharing Items In Your Dorm

There's not a lot of space in dorms so it can be helpful to share some things, especially bigger things. If you didn't discuss things with your roommate before move in day, you can still discuss them now. For example, do you want to share a printer or a mini fridge? Try not to let there be judgment either way. Some people are cool with sharing whereas others aren't because they can foresee it leading to problems. If you do decide to share, try to avoid conflict by making it clear who is paying for what and who is keeping what at the end of the year.

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Establish Your Schedule And What Type Of People You Are

You and your roommate are different people with different opinions, ideas, habits, and personal boundaries. You might have a lot in common, but these things can still be very different. One could be a morning person who is very private and likes to eat breakfast. The other could be a night owl who likes loud music, dorm parties, and gossiping on Instagram. You're going to find out these traits eventually so you might as well explain who you are now so you and your roommate can try to work together so everyone is happy with their living situation.

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Discuss Dorm Cleaning

There's no one around to clean your dorm but you and your roomies. And I highly doubt anyone is going to hire a maid which means you need to come up with some sort of cleaning arrangement. That might also include the dorm washroom. If you didn't pack supplies, you might want to discuss a system for buying them as well how you prefer to clean. Do you want a schedule? Do you want to do it together? It's also a good idea to organize what to do if there's a problem. For example, what someone considers a clean dorm room can be very different compared to what another person thinks.

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Talk About Sharing Food

No one wants to go to use their milk and realize that their roommate used it all and left an IOU note in the fridge. Before there is food in the fridge, it's a wise move to discuss whether you're down for sharing or not. Some might be down to share basics or just cutlery. If you do share, make sure you establish some sort of shopping and pay guide to avoid problems.

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Work Out Your Study Schedules

I don't mean a study schedule as in you plan on studying from four to six while your roommate plans on studying from three to five. I mean where you like to study, when you like to study, what type of study environment you like to study in, etc. Some people prefer to study in the library, some prefer to study at the desks with complete silence while others before to study on their beds with music in the background. You'll need to look at your and your roommate's habits to see how you can both effectively study.

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Try To Establish A Conflict Resolution Plan Now

As much as I wish that everything will be all hunky dory and you and your roommate will be BFFs there will be points of conflict. They could be small or they could be big. You don't want to be the people bitching about each other on social media or to other people on your floor. That doesn't resolve anything besides getting some of the feelings temporarily off your chest. That's why it can be helpful to have a system in place with your roommate. For example, do you want to have quick coffee sessions every so often to make sure everything is okay? If someone does something that annoys you, would you prefer to have it addressed during the moment?

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Share Things That Are Important To You

As you move along items on this list, you'll be sharing things that are important to you. There are probably some additional things that the categories haven't covered. For example, some people are very particular about air fresheners while others believe very strongly in not drinking. You might want to use this time to share what you might consider your *quirky* habits. Don't be embarrassed if it means something to you. It's better your roommate is aware of how you feel now than finding out later after something bad has happened. No one ever wants to hear the line *I had no idea how important to you it was* when it's too late. It just makes things worse.

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What are you most worried about with your college roommate? Let us know in the comments!

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