21 Nature Tattoos For Girls Who Love The Outdoors

Do you consider yourself a nature girl? If that’s the case, you probably love to spend as much time as possible outside. And you probably appreciate every animal, flower, leaf, mountain, and rock. If your appreciation runs deep, have you ever considered getting a tattoo inspired by the things you love so much?

Leaf tattoos and flower tattoos are popular styles for good reason. Not only are they beautiful and versatile, having the ink means that you get to take a piece of nature with you no matter where you are. And the idea isn’t limited to foliage. You can get a nature tattoo that celebrates animals, your favorite terrain, or all Mother Nature has to offer.

Want some ideas? Keep scrolling to see 21 beautiful nature tattoos that will appeal to all the nature girls out there.

1. Galaxy Leaf Tattoo

These might not be the traditional leaf colors, but I don’t think anyone is going to complain about this creative design. It’s striking.


2. Tree World Tattoo

If you’re going to go big, go for the world. This tree design is very clever and has so much symbolism.


3. Three Swallows Arm Tattoo

Swallows✨ . . . . . .

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Capturing birds in flight.


4. Watercolor Flower Tattoo

This is a very delicate tattoo but the bright colors give it plenty of impact.


5. Black And White Mountain And Sun Tattoo

This is proof that even a small tattoo can make a statement. Can you imagine getting all the detail on this?


6. Bee Shoulder Tattoo

Now this is buggin’. Also, I love how she’s wearing a yellow tank top.


7. Ladybug Arm Tattoo

Awwww. The outline tattoo doesn’t even need any color for you to know that it’s a ladybug.


8. 3D Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

There will be countless people who will think there’s an actual butterfly on your shoulder.


9. Raven Side Boob Tattoo

Cover up tattoo by Josh @josh_darkly ⭐️BOOKS OPEN⭐️

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Would you have ever guessed this was a cover up tattoo? The placement and design are great. They also capture the moodier side of nature as opposed to the usual sun and wave tattoos.


10. Watercolor Flower Arm Tattoo

This is beautiful. Period.


11. Watercolor Tree Tattoo

Nature tattoos look gorgeous in all sorts of themes. This is a light watercolor take that is oh-so-pretty.


12.  Tree Back-Of-the-Leg Tattoo

Whoops how’d that get there 🌲 @jessicadoyle

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Fantastic placement and a cool minimalist design.


13. Wave And Sun Arm Tattoo

There are so many tattoos that are on the underside of the wrist. This one is on top so you’ll always see it.


14. Lilac And Lady Bug Foot Tattoo

The colors and placement are so sweet.


15. Flower And Cloud Arm Tattoo

Remember what I said about how any style of tattoo works with nature tattoos? This one also brings together two naturalistic elements in a unique way.


16. Leaf Elbow Tattoo

Foe everyone who loves tiny tattoos.


17. Jellyfish Rib Cage Tattoo

Don’t forget that nature includes the stuff under the sea.


18. Geometric Nature Scene Tattoo

Want something natural and something graphic? This is your ink. The composition is striking.


19. Badger Arm Tattoo

You guys, it’s a badger arm tattoo. I cannot even.


20. Compass Mountain Scene Tattoo

Extra points for the way the compass was worked in here.


21. Abstract Leaf Tattoo

This freehand design is one of a kind.


What tattoo is your fave? Let us know in the comments!


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