9 Things To Do During Your College Freshman Orientation Week

Freshman Orientation Week is busy. There are schedules jam-packed with activities and you will probably have a hard time choosing what things you want to do. Plus, you’ll likely still have some unpacking to do and be busy trying to keep up with what your friends are doing. You’re going to be a busy girl and have to use your time wisely to do everything you want to do.

I know there will be lots of *fun* activities that you will want to do to bond with your new college buddies, but try not to make it all fun and games. There are some key things that you can do during College Orientation Week that will make your life so much easier when school starts. That means you won’t have to fight the crowds to do them when you’re stressing about classes. Here are nine important things to do during your freshman orientation week at college.

Check Out Where Your Classes Are

If you've got your schedule, it's likely that it already the classrooms posted on it. There is a possibility that they could change, but it's still extremely helpful to actually figure out where those classes are. It will make you infinitely less panicky when it's time to go to class. Just make sure you check your schedule the night before each class. Sometimes, there's last minutes switch ups and you don't want to be sitting in a classroom where no professor is going to come.

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Have A Look A The Library

You probably toured the library during one of your orientation tours. You saw how big it was. Now it's time to get to know it a little more. Check out the different floors, see where the study areas are, and try to see if there is a certain floor where your course's books will likely be located. To ensure you understand the system, try to look for a book. You can also use the opportunity to see what books your school has that you'd like to read for your own personal interests. You're basically paying for the library so you might as well enjoy it.

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Familiarize Yourself With Other Campus Essentials

There are other things that were likely pointed out to you during your welcome tour. You might remember some, but you probably don't remember all of them. What's more, you probably don't know how things work. Take the time to go around and see the different buildings from the students' association to the financial aid office to the first aid areas. If there is the smallest chance you will need to go somewhere, do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself now before you're stressing about classes.

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Ensure You Have Everything Ready For Class

Remember your back to school rituals you had in high school? It's no time to drop those now. You likely had your day where you lay out your backpack and supplies and label your notebooks and binders. Keep that up. You can even do it in the quiet time between all of your other activities to help you unwind.

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Double Check Your Schedule Is Fine

You might have done your schedule before move-in day or you might have just done it during Freshman Orientation Week. No matter when you do it, make sure that you double check it again to ensure you're taking the right courses, there's no overlap, and you're not taking a class that requires four prerequisites you obviously don't have.

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Get Your Student ID Card And Other Forms

Yes, you need a student ID card. At a lot of schools, your card is so much more than a photo ID. It can be the thing that allows you to take out library books, score discounts, write exams, access email servers. And I'm just getting started. You need it. Period. And so does every other student which means it's going to be busy. Go now while a lot of people are still on holiday and you will avoid the ridiculous long lines after school is officially back in session.

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Look At The Different Clubs To Join

You've likely got interests besides your major. And you might be interested in exploring some of those when you're not in class. Even if you weren't in any clubs in high school, take the time to see what your options are in college. You might surprise yourself with the varied number of clubs there are. Just remember that as tempting as some of them may be, you don't want to sign up for 10 things right off the bat because you don't know how much course work you'll have.

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Get To Know The Area Around Your Campus

Your campus is likely a big space. When you factor in the stuff surrounding it, it can seem like its own world. Take some time to explore further out. You'll get a better sense of the neighborhood and just how big your school really is. Do it during the daylight just in case there are some parts you are better off avoiding. Keep your eyes open for important things like places you can eat, places you can get photocopies, and any emergency services.

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See Where You Can Eat

I briefly touched on this in the last slide. You need fuel to complete those study sessions and essays. You'll know of the dining hall closest to your dorm, but there will be other options. Get to know them. Look where you can grab coffee. See what places are great for snacks. See where serves hot food and where you can grab takeout. And try to see what places have the longest hours. When you want to eat at 10PM, you will want to know whether somewhere is actually open or where you're better off going to your dorm and eating that bag of chips.

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What do you want to learn about during Orientation Week? Let us know in the comments!


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