19 Gorgeous Ear Piercings That Are #EarCandy Goals

There are a lot of piercings to choose from. In fact, you could get pretty much any area of your body pierced, if you want to. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go too crazy with suggestions today. I’m going to be focusing on ear piercings only.

You may think that ear piercings might not be that exciting, but they are. Just take a look at the #earcandy and #earstory hashtags on Instagram. They show that ears might be small but there are a lot of places you can pierce besides the traditional lobes. One popular piercing style is constellation ear piercings which involve a cluster of different types of piercings on the ear. They are unique and great to show off a tiny earring collection.

It doesn’t matter whether you know the difference between a daith piercing, a tragus piercing, or a conch piercing. It also doesn’t make a difference whether you know what the difference is between a forward helix and helix piercing is. You can learn from the photos and always take them in as reference when you’re getting your ears pierced.

If you’re not quite ready to put more needles in your ears, know that there are a lot of clip-on and magnetic earrings and ear cuffs that will fake the looks below. Here are 19 gorgeous ear piercings to draw inspiration from.

1. Conch, Helix, Forward Helix, Lobe, And Upper Lobe Piercings 

The silver chain is already unique. It offsets the gold hoops and black stone stud.


2. Lobe and Orbital Piercings

This is as much about choosing the right earrings as it is the right piercings. This has such a pretty delicate finish.


3. Lobe And Rook Piercings

Don’t feel you need to pierce every part on our ear. One or two striking piercings can produce a beautiful effect.


4. Lobe Piercings

This is a pretty classic look. You can’t go wrong with earrings gradually getting smaller as they go up the ear. It’s a flattering look.


5. Constellation, Orbital, Helix, Rook, And Tragus Piercings

Who said that piercings have to be in a straight line? That’s the appeal of constellation piercings. The three on the lobe offset the rest of the upper piercings.


6. Lobe, Daith, And Tragus Piercings

When you have multiple piercings, you can play around with leaving some earrings off.


7. Lobe, Constellation, And Anti-Tragus Piercings

Everything is concentrated on the lower part of the ear. Note the two vertical studs.


8. Lobe, Anti-Tragus, And Flat Piercings

Even the tiniest of earrings in unique piercings will make a head-turning #earcandy statement.


9. Lobe, Orbital, Helix, And Daith Piercings

Combining hoops and studs with different piercings has such a dynamic finish.


10. Multiple Ear Piercings

Click through to see all of the gorgeous ear piercings that give meaning to #curatedear.


11. Constellation, Lobe, And Cartilage Piercings

You will definitely want to tuck your hair behind your ears to show off these piercings.


12. Lobe, Upper Lobe, And Helix Piercings

Don’t forget about adding a bit of color to your ear bling.


13. Lobe, Conch, Forward Helix, And Helix Piercings

With piercings like this, you will want to wear your hair back all the time.


14. Upper Constellation Piercings

Normally, constellation piercings appear on the lobe. Here, they’re on the flat of the ear. It’s very cute, don’t you think?


15. Lobe, Constellation, Tragus, And Double Helix Tattoo

This shows how striking just studs can be.


16.  Multiple Ear Piercings

So many cute piercings. Do you see the constellation piercing?


17. Lobe, Upper Lobe, Conch, Tragus, And Daith Piercings

Now that is an ear party. BRB going to buy more earrings.


18. Lobe, Upper Lobe, Flat, And Surface Tragus Piercings

These itty-bitty studs still draw plenty of attention to the ear.


19. Lobe, Upper Lobe, And Cartilage Piercings 

Simple can be stunning. This is proof of that.


What do you want to get pierced next? Let us know in the comments!


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