8 Types Of Nipples You Can Have

You could say that nipples are like snowflakes or tie-dye T-shirts because nipples are all unique. There are countless different sizes, shapes, colors, and positions to consider. What’s more, your left nipple probably isn’t identical to your right one. There might be a lot of subtle differences in nips, but there are still some broad groups that the majority of people fall into.

People who research these sorts of things claim that that there are eight types of nipples. You might have heard of the different boob sizes and breast shapes, but have you heard of all these different types of nips? Have a look at eight types of nipples you can have. See if you can identify what tatas you have without looking.


You probably think that if your boobs have a bump on them, there's something wrong, right? You don't need to panic quiet yet because there's a type of nipple that features bumps on them. You might mistake the bumps for pimples but the *bumps* official name is Montgomery glands and they're actually very common. No, you shouldn't be picking them. Just be aware that if you suddenly get a bump, or bumps, on your nipples that weren't there before, and they don't look like the glands, you will want to get them checked out.

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This might be the *classic* nipple shape that you think of when you hear *nipples.* This type of nipple extends out beyond the areola, aka the ring of pigmented skin beyond the nipple. They might extend just a bit or it might be more obvious. When nipples get hard, the look will likely become more pronounced.

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Flat nipples are different from protruding nipples. In the case of flat nips, the nipples and areola extend out about the same distance giving a flat effect. Note that when nipples harden, you might find they extend out more than the areola or about the same.

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Inverted nipples are the opposite of protruding. In inverted nipples' case, the nipple is lower than the areola, resulting in a sunken or inverted effect. Note that there is nothing wrong with this type of nipple and women are able to still breastfeed with them.

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This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I'll define it anyway. Those who fall into the category will have hair around their nipples and areola. Note that it's common for women to have a few hairs or a cluster and they can range from dark to light. What's more, there's nothing wrong with the hairs and you don't have to remove them. Those who fall into the category might also find their nipples fit into another category on the list.

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Unilateral Inverted

This might sound like a fancy name, but what it means is that you've got one inverted nipple and one protruding one. If your nipples have always been like this, know that there's nothing wrong. It's perfectly normal. No, you cannot *force* the inverted one out. That could cause injury. You will want to take action if one of your nipples goes from inverted to protruding or vice versa. This can be a sign of breast cancer so you will want to get it checked out ASAP.

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You've likely heard about puffy eyes, but what about puffy nipples? They're a thing. Puffy nipples are defined as where the entire nipple and areola looks raised. Some like to describe the area as forming a small mound. With stimulation, the nipples might become more pronounced or they might not. Note that there is a difference between puffy nipples and swollen ones. If nipples look swollen and they're red, inflamed, or uncomfortable, you could be having an allergic reaction to something. And you will want to seek medical attention.

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This is another fancy name and it means that you have extra nipples. It's more common than you might think. The *extra* nipples can vary in appearance from things resembling moles to more fully formed nips with or without bumps.

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Did you know all the different types of nipples? Let us know in the comments!


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