20 Style Tips On How To Wear Platform Shoes

The fashion rules like to say that shoes are the finishing touch of an outfit. They’re the period to a stylish sentence, if you will. And the right shoe can take an ensemble to the next level and make old clothes feel like new. If you’re looking to reinvigorate your closet, you could do it with a pair of platform shoes.

When you think of platforms, you probably think of the Spice Girls. They’re definitely a key reference, but you don’t need to channel Scary, Sporty, Posh, Ginger, or Baby to pull off platform shoes. You can save the 90s references for another time and draw inspiration from other sources. There are actually a lot of ways to style platform shoes. They can be everything from cool, girly, effortless, to badass. Pick your fashion inspiration depending on your mood and have fun with the look.

Keep scrolling to see 20 fun style tips on how to wear platform shoes.

1. White T-Shirt, Midi Skirt, Socks, And Platform Shoes

This is classic with a twist. You could wear it without the socks, but they make the look. Plus, they tie in the white tee.


2. Floral Printed Suit And Platform Shoes

Platforms and PJ’s 🌸🌝👻🐣 #floralsuit #HMxMe #platformshoes #doei

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A floral printed pajama suit has just shot to the top of my list of must-buy pieces.


3. Striped Wrap Dress, Baker Boy Cap, And Platform Sandals

Match your platform sandals to your accessories for a coordinating finish. Then lighten things up with a pretty dress.


4. Striped Top, Pink Pants, And Platform Shoes

The scenery is amazing, but zoom in on the platform shoes with the striped top and pink pants. The chunky footwear and dark top contrast the girly pink.


5. White T-Shirt, Striped Dress, And Heeled Platform Shoes

These shoes are so uncomfortable but anything for fashion 😭

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If Sporty Spice and Baby Spice had a stylish baby…


6. Black Top, Cargo Pants, And Platform Sneakers

This athleisure outfit is effortless but right on trend thanks to the fanny pack and platform shoes.


7. Tan Coat, Leggings, Pink Socks, And Platform Shoes

sue spies shearling

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Remember this look as we begin to transition into winter.


8. Floral Kimono, Black Top, Biker Shoes, And Platform Boots

Remember that there are so many kinds of platform shoes to choose from. Here, classic Dr. Martens boots are contrasted with a flowing floral kimono.


9. Sequined Track Jacket, Long Yellow T-Shirt Dress, Shorts, And Platform Boots

Bring sequins and platform boots into daytime with a cheery yellow T-shirt dress and shorts.


10. Black T-Shirt, Printed Dress, And Platform Shoes

There are a few different references in this look from girly to punk. The all-black color palette keeps the ensemble cohesive.


11. Black Top, Mini Skirt, And Platform Shoes

This is polished and has just the right amount of edgy vibes.


12. Graphic T-Shirt, Jeans, And Platform Sneakers

The choker and the platform sneakers are a little bit 1990s while the rest of the outfit is timeless.


13. Graphic T-Shirt, Denim Skirt, Fishnets, And Platform Boots

Yes, you can wear tights and socks together. They increase the edgy vibes in a timeless look.


14. Dark Dress And White Platform Sneakers

Bring out your platform sneakers and make like a Spice Girl in 2018 with a simple short-sleeved dress.


15. Vintage T-Shirts, Jean Shorts, And Platform Sneakers

The platform sneakers dress up this look. If you can find a holographic pair, wear them to up your unicorn vibes.


16. Baseball Cap, Black Dress, And Platform Shoes

This is girly, sporty, cool, and edgy all at once.


17. Striped Polo, Cuffed Jeans, Printed Socks, And Platform Sneakers

Now this is a lewk. Cuff your jeans to show off your cool footwear and a fancy pair of socks.


18. Black Crop Top, Sheer Printed Skirt, And Platform Sandals

Platform sandals balance a lightweight maxi skirt. Plus, they give you a few extra inches so your skirt isn’t dragging on the ground.


19. Denim Jacket, White Jumpsuit, And Platform Sandals

what about sunday? we’ve had one, yes. what about second sunday?

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You can work platform shoes into almost any look and occasion. It’s just a matter of finding the right shoes and pairing them with the right things. This outfit is a sophisticated weekend look.


20. Frilled White Blouse, Denim Shorts, And White Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers are coming back so you might as well get on board. This is a very classic, preppy way on how to carry them off.


What fall fashion trend are you looking forward to wearing? Let us know in the comments!


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