7 Things You Need To Stop Thinking About Going Back To School

It’s back to school season and I’m sure that you have a lot of feelings and thoughts. And I know that a lot of them are not positive. TBT, all of them could be negative. I get why you’re feeling that way, especially if you’ve been living it up this summer and enjoying not having any homework, getting up whenever you want, and getting to wear whatever you want. Unfortunately, summer doesn’t last forever and all good things must come to an end.

It’s easy to form a pity party, but having a different attitude could make these next few weeks more enjoyable. People have probably told you that your attitude can make such a difference. It’s true in this situation. Trying to be more positive might not make you get so excited about school that you do cartwheels, but it will hopefully put things into perspective. Here are seven things you need to stop thinking about going back to school.

That It's Going To Be Awful

This is probably the overarching theme of most of the thoughts running through your head. I know that it can be hard to turn it off, but try. It's easy to be in a negative funk about something you're not happy with, but try to think logically. The entire thing will not be negative. So, try to see the positive points. Think about classes you enjoy. Consider the time you will be with more of your friends. Think how there might be a new hottie in your class.

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That You Need To Change Yourself

You do not need to change yourself for anything, including school. You are an individual and that is a good thing. People can sometimes feel pressured to look or act a certain way in school. It's very easy to fall into the trap, especially if you think it will lead to *popularity* or other things. It might, but it will also lead to you to losing your sense of self. And you never want to do that. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are and the thoughts will go away.

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That You Need To Excel At Everything

It's great that you're ambitious, but feeling that you need to excel in all aspects of school is putting immense pressure on yourself. It's also setting you up for failure. It's amazing to have goals to do well, but realize that everybody isn't perfect and everything. What's more, people make mistakes. It's great to still have goals, but keep a realistic mindset. That way, you will not be completely devastated if you get a C+ on an assignment...or worse.

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That All Your Socializing Is Going To Disappear

I know that school and homework are going to take up a big chunk of your time, but you will still have plenty of time for socializing. I promise. Even if your school schedule is packed you still will. You just have to recognize that things will be different compared to your hangouts in the summer. The positive thing about school is that the structured classroom setting means you will get to be with a bunch of your friends for hours of the day. There's also lunch and breaks that you get to hang out and talk.

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That All Your Classes Are Going To Suck

Everyone has classes that they don't like. But, you might find those classes more enjoyable this year if you get a really good teacher or they focus on a new aspects. What's more, there's bound to be classes you do like. Maybe you don't like math but you love biology. Maybe you loathe gym but adore art. Focus on the things you love.

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That You Need To Become Popular

Girl, your school isn't the school in movies. You don't need to become popular to solve all your problems. Life doesn't work that way. I could say that popularity is overrated, but that's a tired line. Instead, let me ask you this. How would you define popular? If you mean hanging out with people who like you and you like them, and having a good time, I bet that you already fit into your definition of being popular.

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That You Won't Have A Chance To Pursue Your True Passions

If you've spent the entire summer doing what you want, you will probably feel like school is restricting you. Obviously there has to be some structure to school otherwise things would never work. Instead of fighting it, try to find the parts where you can express the things you're passionate about. Maybe you can do what you want in a school assignment or essay. And don't forget to look beyond your coursework. There could be clubs that allow you to engage in your passions. And remember there's always after class.

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What are you thinking the most about school? Let us know in the comments!


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