19 Gorgeous Dotwork Tattoos To Try

There are many considerations when it comes to getting a tattoo. You have to find a tattoo artist who has the right style and a reputable tattoo shop. Then you have to choose where you want to get your tattoo and the design. Part of the last one involves choosing the style you want.

Like hairstyles and skirts, there are lots of different tattoo styles. It’s the reason why a design, like say a cat tattoo, can look extremely different depending on the style it’s rendered in. There are watercolor designs, minimalist ones, blackwork tattoos, and there are also dotwork designs, to name just a few.

If you’re not exactly sure what a dotwork tattoo is, it’s defined as “designs that are made up of tiny dots to create an overall piece of art that takes a lot of effort to create,” according to Ink Me. The tattoos are most often in monochromatic black and white color schemes. The benefit of the dots is that they create a 3D effect that few other tattoo designs offer.

If you’re intrigued check out 19 beautiful dotwork tattoos that show how a few dots clumped together can create something mesmerizing.

1. Chamomile Arm Tattoo

Look closely. Do you see the dots?


2. Mermaid Thigh Tattoo

This probably isn’t the mermaid tattoo that you were thinking of.


3. Palm Tree Leg Tattoo

For the girl who lives for the summer and the beach.


4. Moon Arm Tattoo

Forget the man in the moon. Check out that gorgeous girly face in the (crescent) moon.


5. Gas Lamp And Months

You’ll probably take a closer look at street lamps after seeing this interesting ink.


6. Mandala Arm Tattoo

Look at the fade on that.


7. Graphic Goat On A Mountain

How cute is this?


8. Mountain Arm Tattoo

Good for all biceps, large, small, for ladies or gents.


9. Pomegranate Fruit Tattoos

Fruit is always a popular tattoo subject. This ink is unique because it focuses on the design as opposed to color.


10. Volcano And Palm Trees

Just look at the shading you can get from pointillism.


11. Faceted Paw Print

This isn’t an ordinary paw print tattoo. Check out the “ruby” toe.


12. Geometric Back Tattoo

The way the dots play of the solid lines is striking.


13. Dotwork Ear Tattoo

You will want to wear your hair up to show off this mandala dotwork tattoo.


14. Lotus Arm Tattoo

The way the dots play off the triangles is very dynamic.


15. Eye Arm Tattoo

The shading is great, but I’m also obsessed with the placement of this is regards to the elbow.


16. Travel Arm Tattoo

Dotwork tattoos can still have a minimalist effect as evidenced by this one.


17. Sunflower Tattoo

Good to see this healed the other day.

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18. Cat Arm Tattoo

There are barely any solid lines in this tattoo. It’s all about the pointillism, but the shape of the kitty is still very clear.


19. Snake And Flower Arm Tattoo

Get one by yourself or get a coordinating one with your sister or BFF.


What’s your favorite tattoo style? Let us know in the comments!


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