16 Dorm Organization Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Never underestimate how important being organized is. If you’re a messy person by nature, you might scoff at that. But, I want you to open up your mind because being organized really can make your life so much easier. And anything that can make life easier is welcome, especially in college.

When you have assignments, tutorials, essays, and stacks of reading to get through, you don’t have time to be looking through all your stuff wondering where something is. What’s more, you don’t have time to be fiddling with things when you have deadlines. You need to know where things are and be able to access them easily so you can get hustling.

Here are 16 easy dorm organization hacks that will make your life so much easier.

1. Cable Organization


This is such a ridiculously simple thing you will wonder why you never thought of it. When you do try it out, you’ll be very glad you put it into effect.


2. Sectioned Closet


You might need to have all of your fall, winter, spring, and summer clothes with you at college. But, you’re likely not going to be wearing them all year. So, put the out-of-season stuff in one organized place. It’ll make transitioning your wardrobe a cinch.


3. Hanging Shower Caddies


You don’t want to have to round up your stuff each time you go to your floor’s bathroom. These hanging shower caddies keep everything together and don’t take up precious space in important spots.


4. Dorm Fridge Organization


Avoid the awkward “did you accidentally eat my ___” talk with this hack. The baskets also prevent the fridge getting messy and things at the back going bad. Yes, it can happen with mini fridges.


5. Clutter-Free Desk


When you have a place to put all of your stuff, it saves you from shoving it wherever and losing things.


6. Underwear And Sock Organizer


Are you always digging in your doors hoping to find something? Stop the mad pawing and get a drawer organizer like this one. You can even DIY your own.


7. Sectioned Desk Drawers


A desk drawer can hold so much stuff. Resist the urge to just cram it full. A few cheap dividers will allow you fit lots of stuff in your dorm desk drawer and keep it organized.


8. Labeled Cords


There are only so many outlets in your dorm room which means you will probably be using extension cords. And you do not want to pull out the wrong cord when you’re in the middle of something very important. This organization hack will hopefully stop that from ever happening.


9. Save Drawer Space


Fit as many T-shirts as you can into a drawer while keeping them neat with this clever folding trick.


10. Repurposed Shoe Hanger


Hanging shoe racks are great for keeping shoes organized, but there’s no need to stop there. Get an extra shoe rack to keep odds and ends organized like bathroom supplies, makeup, or even snacks.


11. Labeled Bins


It might seem extremely obvious, but putting similar things in bins and labeling them can make life so much easier. The trick is to actually label them otherwise you will have to sort through each bin every time you need something.


12. Makeup Magnet Board


Make your makeup part of your wall art and make it easier to find the products you need with this clever framed storage hack.


13. Dorm Fridge Utensils


This little pocket adds some decor points to your dorm room plus it keeps all your random cutlery together. It’s something that you could DIY with basic sewing skills.


14. Night Table Charging Station


Charge up all of your devices and prevent a big knot of cords by keeping them neat in your nightstand drawer.


15. Extra Bed Storage


When you’re in a small space, you need to maximize it by looking for creative ways to store things. Enter this hanging bed pocket.


16. Double Clothes Hangers


The closet space is precious in dorm rooms so use it to your full advantage. Save the pop tabs from your dinner. Or, hit up your school’s recycling before they clear the cans away. Then use them to double the space in your closet.


How do you stay organized? Let us know in the comments!


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