15 Pretty Ways To Add Lights To Your Dorm Room

Lights are a very practical thing in a dorm room. You need to be able to see to study, after all. Even if you’re lucky enough to get a window, it might not provide enough light — and it definitely won’t be any help when you’re studying in the wee hours of the morning. That desk lamp isn’t going to make much a difference, either. You need more lights.

If you’re incorporating more lights into your dorm room, you might as well make it pretty, right? It’s actually a very simple thing to do when you have a string of fairy lights or another cute style. Simply hanging them up in an interesting manner can give your room enough extra light while upping your decor considerably.

So, make sure you pack a selection of lights for dorm move-in day and remember these 15 pretty ways to add lights to your dorm room.

1. Ceiling Lights


Your dorm could have a ceiling light. But, a pot ceiling light definitely doesn’t have the effect this does. Stringing lights across the ceiling will turn your room into a dreamland.


2. Photos And Lights


This is an easy, cheap, and gorgeous way to dress up a plain wall. You get some extra light and you get to showcase all your photos. Seeing them on your wall can be a big boost if you’re feeling down or homesick.


3. Dorm Curtain Lights


“Why did I never think to put lights behind a curtain?” asks everyone who sees this dorm decorating idea.


4. Lights With Bulletin Board And Whiteboard


This is brilliant because you get some extra light around your all-important desk. Plus, your to-do list and photos are illuminated.


5. Lights And Statement Blanket


Wall hangings and quilts are great way to personalize a room and cover up boring dorm walls. Make your wall art more special by stringing some lights around the blanket.


6. Dorm Room Desk Fairy Lights


This is so pretty it might just make you want to study more. Maybeeeee.


7. Fairy Lights Behind Bed


Here’s your proof that a single strand of fairy lights can make all the difference to a nondescript dorm room.


8. Photos And Fairy Lights


Now this is #dormroomgoals. Remember to use a tape that won’t damage the walls otherwise you will have some explaining — and likely some paying — to do at the end of the year.


9. Dorm Perimeter Outline


Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of zigzagging and looped fairy lights? Simply run the lights along the perimeter of the walls and ceiling. Easy.


10. Lights And Poster


Does your dorm room bed have a headboard? Or, are you applying a non-damaging wall poster behind your best? Frame the poster or headboard with the lights.


11. Heart Photo Collage And Fairy Lights


No rectangular walls? No problem. This is the definition of making good use of space.


12. Wall Lights And Window


Do you have one wall that looks a little bare in your dorm? Jazz it up by covering it with low fairy lights.


13. Lights And Sheer Fabric


This is how you make a canopy out of a standard dorm bed. Just ensure that you’re not drilling any holes in the walls that you’re not supposed to, you choose a non-flammable fabric, and you choose lights that do not get too hot.


14. Lights And Photos In Corner


Dorms are almost always small which means you need to maximize your space. This corner display does that.


15. Square Wall Lights And Board


You don’t necessarily have to do something complicated with your dorm lights. This is striking. If you can find cool square lights, give them a shot.


What idea is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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