20 Style Tips On How To Wear Denim Jumpers

Think back to your wardrobe when you wear a kid. I bet that you had a denim jumper. So we’re all on the same page, I’m referring to jumper as in a dress, often with straps like overalls, not jumper as in the English sense meaning sweater. (Denim sweaters weren’t big back then and they aren’t now.) If you left the denim jumper/dress behind and haven’t revisited the style since you were a younging, I’d like to encourage you to do it.

Denim jumpers can be as versatile as jeans, overalls, or shortalls. They’re different because they have a girly finish which you can play into with your outfit or contrast it. What’s more, the heavier fabric means denim jumpers can work for a lot of seasons, including the confusing time of transitioning your wardrobe from fall to winter. Get inspired to make a denim jumper part of your current wardrobe with these 20 style tips on how to pull off the fun style.

1. White T-Shirt And Dark Denim Jumper

This is as timeless as a white tee and jeans.


2. Striped T-Shirt And Black Jumper

Cute lil date with my bf Harry Potter

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Remember: You don’t need to stick with blue denim jumper.


3. Ripped Denim Jumper, Striped T-Shirt, And Scarf 

Look closely and you can just see the scarf tied around her neck beneath the glossy waves.


4. Baseball Cap, Long-Sleeved Top, And Denim Jumper

Add a sporty finish to your denim jumper with a baseball cap and chunky sneakers. Don’t forget the bright socks.


5. Baggy Denim Jumper, Striped Short Sleeve Top, And Boots

This has a retro vibe but still looks very modern cool-girl.


6. Denim Jumper, Fine Striped T-Shirt, Canvas Tote, And Sandals

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, striped tops and denim jumpers are pretty much a match made in heaven.


7. Denim Jumper And Gold Jewelry 

Fathers Day – it’s not my favorite day. It’s an emotional day. A year ago today.. I made the decision to go get this tattoo, in honor of my dad.. his handwriting from a card he gave me. Long story that I won’t bore you with, but to catch you up – I lost him 3.5 years ago unexpectedly. But.. it’s also days like this.. that you remember and realize you are loved and cared for. Last year, my BFF @jdilley324 went with me to get this meaningful tattoo. This year, I spent Father’s Day returning the favor (going with her to get a new tattoo). We spent the whole day together. Most of that time, I forgot that it was a sad day for me. The only time I got sad (my random cry for the day – she didn’t notice luckily – I think because it was mid-tattoo when she was squeezing my hand off) was when she said.. “Perfect, a new tattoo for my dad to say later – what are you doing with your life?” I majorly teared up thinking… I never got my dads reaction to my first (and only) tattoo, but I actually think he would love it and hug me for it. Sometimes your friends don’t know how much of an impact they make on your life or even your day. But I’m so thankful for people like her.. who make the bad days okay. And for our other friends who were also there today to unintentionally make the bad good. Life is sad and great and mysteriously funny. But I’m ending Father’s Day today feeling good, because of people like her/them. ?

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There are denim jumpers that you can get away with wearing without a top underneath. Before you go out, ensure everything is secure by wearing it around the house. And check your side and back angles in the mirror.


8. Denim Jumper, White Blouse, And Wedges

When you bring two classic pieces of clothing together…


9. Striped T-Shirt, Button-Up Denim Jumper, And Tan Slides

Note the way the length of a jumper and the accessories can completely change the vibe?


10. Off-the-Shoulder Top And Denim Jumper

Over the rainbow ?

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Just as cute from the front as it is from the back.


11. Black T-Shirt And Black Denim Jumper

Match your top to your jumper whether it’s blue, black, or another shade.


12. Denim Jumper, White Long-Sleeved Top, And Gold Jewelry 

We don’t even need to see this on a body to know that it’s bohemian fabulous.


13. Red Denim Jumper, Check T-Shirt, And Boots

Want to add some color to your denim jumper? This is how you do it. There is a clear badass vibe hear. #Slay


14. Dark Striped T-Shirt, Denim Jumper, And Slides

This is an effortless summer outfit you will want to wear again and again.


15. White T-Shirt, Denim Jumper, And Boots

This would look cute with sandals, but switch things up and try boots. You’ll bring a bit more of a western flavor to the look.


16. White T-Shirt And Denim Jumper

Hands up if you love this entire look? It’s cute, effortless, and will probably make you want a scrunchie.


17. Long-Sleeved Striped Top And Denim Jumper

If you can find a denim jumper with a pattern, don’t be afraid to try it. The subtle stonewashed effect on this midi style plays off the stripes in the top.


18. Black Crop Top And Denim Jumper

A white T-shirt is a default for many. Bring your black T-shirt out every now and again to wear it with your denim jumper.


19. Low Denim Jumper And Yellow Striped Top

How cute is this outfit tho? Would be perfect paired with some white tennis shoes ??

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You couldn’t wear this denim jumper without a top, but the low front makes it perfect for showing off a sunny yellow tee.


20. Purple Tank Top And Denim Jumper

Stay cool and look cool. Note the embroidery on the jumper.


What’s your favorite denim style? Let us know in the comments!


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