16 Dorm Room Magnet Boards You Will Want To Copy

The school countdown is on which means that everyone is going to be in full DIY mode to get their dorm rooms ready before class begins. You’ve probably got a long list of DIYs that you want to get done to personalize your dorm room. It’s probable that you might not have time for all of them, but I’d like to suggest one you should definitely do: a magnet board.

A magnet board is the less intimidating version of a bulletin board. You don’t need to worry about fiddly, sharp pins. You just need a magnetic surface with some good magnets. DIYing that is actually very easy to do. Whether you want something classic or something more unexpected, there’s an easy DIY magnet board for you. The good thing is that many of them can be completed in one afternoon so you’ll have something cool for your dorm without wasting a lot of time constructing it. Scroll down to see 18 fun dorm room magnet boards you will want to DIY for your dorm.

1. Framed Magnet Board


Look at that gorgeous frame and the glitzy buttons. It’s all thanks so some clever crafting.


2. Command Center Desk Magnet Board


The name and location of this is brilliant. If the format doesn’t work in your dorm, at least make sure that you copy the envelope idea. It’s a clever space-saving hack.


3. Magnet Chess Set


This would be a brilliant thing to play during a study break with your roommate. The checkerboard design will also update your bland dorm room.


4. To-Do Magnet Boards


Forget kid’s chores; have a to-do list magnet board for all your assignments. It will make keeping track of things so much easier.


5. Pink Cookie Sheet Magnet Boards


Dude, who would have thought that a painted cookie sheet could make such a wicked magnet board?


6. Fabric And Ribbon Magnetic Board


This is sooooooooooooooooo chic.


7. Makeup And Basket Magnet Board


Because it’s only in our dreams dorm rooms come with makeup closets.


8. Wrapping Paper Magnet Board


Would you believe this is wrapping paper? The world print is genius, but feel free to substitute it for any wrapping paper.


9. Bathroom Cabinet Magnet Board


Pretty much anything can be turned into a magnet board with magnetic paint. Just make sure you’re painting your own cabinet and it complies with school rules. You don’t want to get in trouble for your DIYing.


10. State Magnet Board


Creating a magnet board in the shape of your home state or college state might not give you enough room. But, putting the state in a rectangular magnet board should give you ample pinning space.


11. Round Magnet Board


Why limit yourself to squares and rectangles?


12. Magnet Panels


These magnet panels are obviously geared towards kids, but the clever pocket idea is something that people of all ages will want to borrow. Same goes with the ribbon hanger.


13. Supersized Magnet Board


Got a lot going on? Try a supersized magnet board. You can fill it with your calendar, photos, and mementos.


14. Mini Magnet Boards


You could have one big magnet board or you could have four mini ones. Covering them with different fabrics creates a chic look.


15. Mirrored Wooden Magnet Board


The mirrored finish is luxurious. Ask for parents if they have any old home dec stuff so you can put a fancy topper on your DIY, like this one.


16. Framed Magnet Board


Notice how this frame is in a holder. It’s a fun idea. If you’re short on space, you can also hang the frame on the wall.


What DIYs do you want to make for your dorm? Let us know in the comments!


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