20 Style Tips On How To Wear Straw Accessories

There are some things that are quintessentially summer: beach trips, barbecues, pretty much any frozen food. In terms of fashion, straw accessories are a classic summer piece as much as all-white and crop tops. I mean, consider trying to carry off straw accessories when it’s snowing outside. Even the fiercest fashion girl would have trouble doing that.

While we’ve still got another month left of guaranteed good summer weather, it’s time to make use of all those straw bags, hats, and shoes while you can. It’s pretty easy to do considering they work with the majority of pieces in your summer wardrobe. What’s more, they actually can be worn in the city as much as they can at the beach.

Keep scrolling to see 20 cool ways to incorporate straw accessories into your outfit.

1. Striped Top, White Jeans, And Straw Bag

This is so chic and very French. It’s supposed to be Fourth of July-inspired look but, you could wear this all summer, baby.


2. White Off-The-Shoulder Dress And Straw Bag

You don’t need to go wild with the layers. Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple with a white sun dress and straw bag. If you’re feeling fancy, add the red lipstick and hair scarf.


3. White T-shirt, Jeans, And Straw Bag

Straw accessories aren’t limited to natural ones. Colorful raffia accessories pair nicely with an all-white look. Ditto metallic sneakers.


4. Teal Dress, Straw Backpack, And Slides

Straw totes are always popular, but don’t forget about straw backpacks. Also, note the way the soles of the slides coordinate with the color of the bag? Details, details.


5. White Blouse, Cropped Jeans, And Round Straw Bag

You’ve probably seen countless people carrying this bag. Keep it fresh with a printed white blouse and cropped jeans.


6. White T-Shirt, Jeans, Straw Hat, And Bag

Take your straw bag and hat into evening with a kimono jacket, skinny jeans, and heels. It’s fancy enough that you can even pair a white T-shirt underneath.


7. Straw Boater Hat, White Blouse, Pink Skirt, And Straw Bag

How girly is this? It’s so sweet. If your straw bag doesn’t have a pompom key chain, I encourage you to add one.


8. Striped Dress, Straw Hat, And Bag

Remember this easy formula: Cute summer dress plus straw hat and straw bag.


9. Straw Fedora, Motorcycle Jacket, Brown Shorts, And Boots

Want to get as much wear out of your straw hat? This is how you transition it into autumn.


10. Straw Hat, Red Dress, And Black Straw Bag

Yup, there are two types of straw accessories here: the bag and the hat. The different colors keep it interesting and help dress up the look.


11. Straw Hat, Bandeau Top, And Midi Skirt

This is how you do holiday dressing. If you don’t have a bandeau top, repurpose a bikini.


12. White Dress, Choker, Straw Hat, And Straw Bag

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A white dress with straw accessories pair so well together. Add pastel blue into the mix for a fresh twist. These slides are one fabulous way to do it.


13. White Blouse, Purple Maxi Skirt, Straw Hat, And Bag

This look is hot, hot, hot. It’s vacation dressing down to a science.


14. Printed Playsuit And Straw Bag

Don’t just style your straw accessories with dresses. Remember that playsuits are fun for summer.


15. Long Vest, Crop Top, Denim Shorts, And Straw Bag

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This is how you layer in the summer without overheating.


16. White T-shirt, Jean Shorts, And Straw Accessories

These are all classic pieces that you probably already have in your wardrobe. When you put them together, you get something gorgeous.


17. Black Maxi Dress And Straw Clutch

Hands up if you immediately want an oversized straw clutch to pair with your maxi dress now?


18. Printed Blouse, Denim Shorts, And Straw Bag

This outfit would still look cute with a T-shirt, but I encourage you to try the blouse…and the coral sandals. They pop against the neutral raffia bag.


19. Straw Hat, Midi Dress, And Straw Bag

Coordinate your hat to your bag and your dress with your sandals. And you’re done.


20. Off-The-Shoulder Dress And Straw Bag

Think straw bags aren’t fancy enough for evening? Think again. Check out this ensemble.


What’s your favorite straw accessory? Let us know in the comments!


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