7 Things You Need To Stop Thinking If You’re Inexperienced

Some people have more experience in life at certain things than others. Perhaps you’re someone who is more experienced with traveling, art, and creating hilarious memes, while your friends are more experienced at other things. When we see people with more experience than us, it can often make us feel insecure. And the feelings intensify the more *delicate* the situation gets which is why those who are less experienced in terms of sex and relationships can feel very insecure.

If you consider yourself inexperienced in terms of hooking up and relationships compared to your friends, and you often get stressed about it, know that everyone is on their own time. And you are right on time for your life. I get the negativity and worries can sometimes drown out the idea which is why I want you to try and cut out the bad vibes. Scroll through the gallery to see seven things you need to stop thinking if you’re inexperienced.

That Any Partner Will Dump You When They Find Out Your Situation

Girl, you are jumping way ahead of yourself. I know that when you're in a funk, you can start thinking about various situations. Slow down and try to take things one at a time. If you find someone who is loving, attentive, and caring, and you enter into a relationship with them, it's unlikely they're going to dump you because of inexperience if you have a connection. If on the small chance he/she does, it shows the person's true colors and you're waaaay better off without someone like that.

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That You're Going To Grow Old And Die Alone

Remember what I said about taking things one step at a time? This is pretty much the complete opposite of that. Forget about being on some timeline. You're not. Don't let rom-coms, friends, family, or anyone else think otherwise. You are a special person and I bet that there are lots of special people in your life. You're not alone nor will you die alone.

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That There's Something Wrong With You

Instead of thinking that there's something wrong with you, I'd like you to ponder this. Why do you think that it's wrong to be inexperienced at this stage in life? Is it because you think you're supposed to have a certain amount of experience? Is it because your friends have more experience? There is no rule that says you need X amount of relationship experience by X age. There aren't rules in life. You're doing your own thing and there's nothing wrong with you that would explain your lack of inexperience. Let me repeat that. There's nothing wrong with you.

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That You Need To Lie About Your Experience

One of the foundations of being in a good relationship is honesty. If you feel you cannot be honest with a partner, you need to consider why because it might indicate other relationship problems. If you're worried that your partner might treat you differently because you're not as expected, consider that your partner might actually be more understanding than you realize. Plus, lying will very likely create problems later. Not to mention that most lies get revealed in the end.

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That You Need To Change The Situation Immediately

I said that there's nothing wrong with you and I mean that. If there's nothing wrong with you, it means that you don't have to change yourself. Similarly, don't feel like you have to *rectify* this experience thing by going out and/or kissing the first person that comes your way. That will not solve anything. Take your time because it's so worth waiting for someone who you have feelings for.

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That People Aren't Going To Have Patience For You

If someone wants to have a relationship for you, they're making a big commitment to be with you. The idea that they won't have a bit more patience because of something inconsequential like inexperience is rubbish. If you do come across people who are bored or frustrated with your inexperience and pressuring you to go further, kick them to the curb. Those are not people you want in your life. Period.

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That You're Unattractive

This hurts my heart, girl. Inexperience doesn't really have anything to do with how you look. It's that you haven't found the right person to be with. That is something that we cannot force. Plus, I bet there are a bunch of people who would be shocked to hear you call yourself unattractive. I bet that they think you're beautiful inside and out.

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What thing about being inexperienced concerns you the most? Let us know in the comments!


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