17 Pretty Ways To Style Your Bangs

Bangs can totally change a look. They can make you appear all *mysterious* and they can frame your face. But, if you’ve had bangs for a while, you can sometimes start to miss your longer front layers. And you might fall into a hair rut of wearing your bangs the same way every single day. Bangs might be shorter than other hairstyles, but they are still versatile.

If you’re feeling fed up with your bangs and are debating about growing them out, it’s time to re-fall in love with your fringe by approaching it in new ways. Switching up bangs couldn’t be easier to do. You don’t even need to go to the salon. You often just need a comb, maybe a bit of hair product and possibly a hair accessory. You can play around with parts, textures, updos, and more.

Want to see some examples? Have a gander at 17 pretty ways to style your bangs. And remember them the next time you feel like you’re in a hair rut.

1. Thick Bangs And Ponytail

Worried about a ponytail being too severe? It won’t be when you have a thick fringe framing your face.


2. Side Braid With Bangs

How cute are these wispy bangs with the side braid? The little polka dot scrunchie makes the look even better.


3. Parted Bangs And Half Updo


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Here’s your proof that bang separation can be beautiful. Sweeping back the rest of hair from the face puts bangs front and center.


4. Thick Bangs And Half Updo

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Half updos with thick bangs always have polished retro vibes. Who’s going to complain about that?


5. High Ponytail With Bangs And A Headband

This easy hairstyle shows off bangs and hair’s natural texture.


6. Parted Curly Bangs

Curly haired ladies: If you haven’t tried bangs before, I implore you to give them a try. These parted curly bangs slay.


7. Straight Bangs With Headband And Bun

This is a classic hairstyle. These are fake bangs, but you can easily recreate the look with your real fringe. Try leaving a few longer tendrils around your face for a romantic finish.


8. Swept-Back Bangs

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Sometimes we need to get our bangs off our faces. For those times, embrace a tousled comb-over.


9. Wispy Bangs And Straight Hair

You don’t always need to style all your hair to make bangs feel fresh. Try tweaking the placement of bangs slightly by playing with separation and finish.


10. Bedhead Bangs


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If you love bedhead in your lengths, bring it to your bangs. It provides a cohesive finish.


11. Parted Wavy Bangs

This has a cute retro vibe, but it’s not dated. The parted long bangs would also work with a variety of hair textures.


12. Thick Bangs, Headband, And High Bun

If you don’t have a thick headband, wrap a scarf around your head. It looks cute and can camouflage frizz and/or greasy roots. Whoopie.


13. Bangs, Loose Waves, And Hat

There’s something about bangs and hats that is just so cool.


14. Messy Bun And Curled Bangs

Can you say gorgeous? Notice the off-center placement of the bun and the way the bangs have been gently bent under.


15. Straight Bangs With Off-Center Part

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Her makeup is on point, but look at the bangs. The hint of forehead breaks up a severe straight fringe.


16. Thick Bang Updo

Sweep your hair back and tie it in the middle of the head so the bun doesn’t distract from a full, beautiful fringe.


17. Blue Bangs With Side Braid

Everyone will likely love the color, but can we talk about the side braid?


What’s your favorite way to style your bangs? Let us know in the comments!


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