How To Turn Your Summer Fling Into A Relationship

At the start of the summer, you might have been looking to keep things low key and just wanted a summer fling. Now that you’re in an amazing one, you might want to extend it passed Labor Day and have it turn into a proper relationship. Maybe, life happened and you ended up involved in a summer fling without making a bit effort about it, but now you want more.

Our feelings and desires can change with time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is possible to take a summer fling to a *proper” relationship provided the other person is interested in it happening. If they’re unsure or see this as only a fling, it’s up to you to show that what you have going of has the potential for an amazing relationship. Here are some tips on how to turn your summer fling into a relationship.

Try To Connect On A Deeper Level

Is your summer fling mostly dedicated to keeping it light and having fun? That's a lot of what summer flings are about. To try and make this a relationship, do something with your partner that connects you on a deeper level. For example, try to have more personal conversations with your partner. Ask him or her about their goals, wants, fears, etc. Try to get to know them as a full person. If they seem interested in the idea, start sharing stuff about yourself, too.

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Show That You're There For Your Partner

You might be tempted to tell your partner why you're a great person to be in a relationship with. The person would hear the message. But, the better way to get it across is to actually show your partner why you would be brilliant in a relationship. One perfect way to do that is to show that you're there. Be there for him/her when they're sad, angry, confused, or just need someone. If you can do that and the person realizes it, you've already got a solid foundation for a relationship.

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Ask About Your Fling's Future Plans

I'm not talking their 10-year and 25-year plans. But, if your summer fling shares those that isn't a bad thing. I'm talking about what they have going on in the fall and what they're after. If you know your summer fling's schedule, you can make dates around it as the weather goes into autumn. If the other person is into the idea, you could be naturally transitioning into relationship mode. Remember: You're not going to magically go from a summer fling to a fall relationship without actually making dates.

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Look For Ways You Can Make Your Fling Part Of Your Life

Relationships are about people fitting together. *I'm not talking about sex in this case, peeps.* I'm talking about how the other person works into your life and vice versa. So instead of just making your summer romance about the two of you, introduce your fling to other aspects of your life. Invite him/her to hang out with your friends, show him/her a charity you volunteer at, or share a piece of your history. If he/she seems interested or even reciprocates, you're on the right track.

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Discuss The Agreement You And Your Partner Had

There comes a time when you will likely have to be upfront with your partner about what exactly you want. When that time comes, be honest. Lay those cards out on the table and say that you'd like to try a relationship. If your summer fling isn't into the idea, at least you will know you tried and it will save you sending more hints. If he/she is into the idea, you know what to do.

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Treat Your Fling Like A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Have you been treating your fling differently because he/she is *just* a fling instead of a proper relationship? Try treating the other person if they were your BF/GF and see what happens. Just don't take things too far. You obviously cannot be going after your summer fling for going out with someone else if you've previously discussed this being an open arrangement.

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Realize That Pestering Will Get You No Where

I know that you really want this to turn into a relationship, but remember you cannot force that to happen. And constantly bugging someone about it isn't going to make them change their mind. In fact, it will likely have the opposite effect. If all you do is talk to your partner about making this a relationship, he/she will likely run in the opposite direction and not want to hang out. Remember the power of actions in connecting on a deeper level.

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What do you love most about summer flings? Let us know in the comments!


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