18 Minimalist Tattoos That Still Make A Statement

Would you describe yourself as a minimalist? Are you all about clean lines? And do you wholeheartedly believe in the philosophy that less is more? Maybe, you’re more of a maximalist. No matter what you’d classify yourself as, I’d like you to consider minimalist tattoos because they are beautiful.

There is definitely something to be said for the extreme detail, bold designs, and striking colors of some tattoos, but all of those elements are not necessary to create a beautiful tattoo. Sometimes the beauty is actually in the lack of detail. It’s something that even those who typically gravitate toward stronger designs can appreciate.

I could go on giving reasons why minimalist tattoos are awesome, but the best way to explain why it’s such a stunning tattoo style is to give you some examples. Scroll down to see 18 beautiful minimalist tattoos that still make a statement.

1. Zigzag Lines

Clean, crisp, and uncomplicated.


2. Geometric Cat Tattoo

Just when you think you’ve seen all the cat tattoos, you see an origami one.


3. Moon and Sun Tattoos

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If you love the sun, just wait until you scroll over to see the moon. No matter where you put these, they would be adorable.


4. Heart Finger Tattoo

Two mini tattoos for two super sweet girls. Thank you both so much ?♠️

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It’s a classic, but it’s unique because it’s on the little finger as opposed to the ring finger.


5. Pause, Play Tattoo

So brilliant.


6. Arm Flower Tattoo

There are so many different takes on flower tattoos. This is another cute one.


7. Double Triangle Arm Tattoo

A single triangle tattoo is popular. Why not add two shapes? It still counts as a minimalist design.


8. Molecule Arm Tattoo

Calling all science nerds. You can identify what molecule it is.


9. Mountain Arm Tattoo

Sometimes, you don’t need shadows, color, or 1,000 lines.


10. Steaming Mug Tattoo

Who loves their coffee…or tea?


11. Poppy Arm Tattoo

Merci Céline..!

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Who said that minimalist tattoos can’t have color?


12. Seashell Minimalist Tattoo

For all the mermaids out there.


13. Geometric Neck Tattoo

Minimalism is all about crisp, clean lines, is it not?


14. Equal Sign Finger Tatoo

After something tiny and minimalist that promotes a positive message? This is your ink.


15. Cat Paws And Eye



16. Father And Son

How beautiful is this? It tells a story.


17. Cactus Tattoo

You wouldn’t want to hide this tattoo under a pant leg.


18. Waves Arm Tattoo

Who wants to go swimming?


What’s your favorite tattoo style? Let us know in the comments!


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