16 Wall Collage Ideas That You Need To Try In Your Dorm Room

It’s that time of the year again. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but school is going to start before we know it. If you’re going off to college, things are going to kick into gear even sooner. In fact, you might want to get started now with some dorm room DIYs.

DIYs are great because they help personalize a dorm room and make it feel like home. And they don’t need to involve massive amounts of time or serious cash. We cannot go painting and wallpapering the walls without getting in trouble with the residence council. What we can do is decorate them. Mirrors, lights, cork boards, and calendar DIYs are always popular craft projects. Another dorm room favorite is the wall collage.

Wall collages can be adapted to any space, large or small, and can make use of all of those photos, clippings, and keepsakes you have in a box that are collecting dust. Get inspired to up your dorm room decor by taking a look at 16 fun wall collage ideas.

1. Polaroids With Clothes Pegs Wall Collage


This is a clever way to make use of the surplus of clothes pegs you likely have. Know that you don’t need to limit yourself to Polaroids. Stick on any type of photo, postcards, magazine clippings, you name it.


2. Wall Confetti


Forget regular confetti. I’m all about wall confetti. This is so easy to DIY because all you’re doing is cutting out circles.


3. Rectangular Wall Art Collage With Lights


Because everything is better with fairy lights. Note the decorative tape.


4. Heart-Shaped Photo Collage


Instead of just putting photos up at random, but them in a shape. A thoughtful quote makes the collage more special.


5. Canvas Collages


This is clever on a few different levels because they look like photo booth pictures that have been combined together. With the four different canvases, it creates a striking finish.


6. Diagonal Photo Collage


Even if you don’t have an exposed brick (or faux brick) wall, you can still copy the interesting idea of stacking photos and pictures in a diagonal fashion.


7. Asymmetrical Wall Art


It’s brilliant that it’s related to coffee. The layout is dynamic and it makes Instagram snaps work IRL.


8. Washi Tape And Square Wall Collage


Here’s another use for a roll of washi tape. You really can incorporate the decorative tape into almost any project.


9. Castle Photo Wall Collage


This is definitely extra, but it’s not that complicated. Most is your standard photo shape plus a few triangles.


10. Monochromatic Wall Collage


This showcases how you can create a striking look by adhering to a black and white color palette.


11. Heart Corner Collage


Everyone is always confused about awkward corners when they’re decorating. There’s nothing awkward about this design.


12. Pink Poster Wall Collage


I know many are going to be obsessing over this because of the millennial pink, but know the concept would work for almost any color.


13. Illustrations Wall Collage


Don’t just add a wall collage around your bed. You’re going to be spending a lot of time at your desk so you might as well make it look nice. If you’re not an artist, you can find lots of affordable art everywhere from friends to Etsy to charity shops.


14. Rectangular-ish Wall Collage


This is geometric yet still organic because there aren’t any super crisp straight lines and corners.


15. Layered Wall Collage


Now this is a proper collage. Don’t be afraid to put things on top of each other. As long as they’re not completely covered it would work.


16. Photos And Polaroids Wall Collage


This will take some time to set up, but if you have a massive stack of photos it will be easy going.


What do you want to DIY for your dorm room? Let us know in the comments!


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