15 Things You’ll Notice When Kissing Someone New

Everyone has their own kissing style. Some people’s styles are definitely better than others. But, even a group of people who you consider to be good kissers can be very different. There can be differences in speed, movements, lips, rotations, flicks, you get the idea. That’s why when you’re kissing someone new for the first time, it can feel like you’re exploring new territory.

You’ll definitely notice some things right away during your first smooch. If you keep kissing the person, you might start to notice more and more unique things about them. When I sat “unique” I don’t mean bad. I mean unique in an interesting way because they’re not the same as other people you’ve locked lips with before. It’s your call whether you prefer your new smooch partner or your old one(s).

Here are 15 things you’ll likely notice when you’re kissing someone new.

1. How soft their lips are.

…Or not. Hopefully, you’ve found someone who is a fan of lip balm.


2. What their breath is like.

Did bae have a burrito for lunch? Or, is that me?


3. How much taller or shorter the person is compared to your last partner.

Going to have to adjust the neck angle a few degrees.


4. Whether they like to kiss with their eyes open or closed.

*Please let this not end up as a staring contest.*


5. What their skin feels like.

It’s not just about the lips. You’ll be noticing differences in stubble, smooth cheeks, and the lot.


6. How “wet” of a kisser they are.

Some people are like slobbery dogs while others keep the moisture to a minimum.


7. How “curious” they are with their hands.

My ex didn’t try that move.


8. How well you “fit” together.

I don’t mean like that. We’re talking about kissing, people.


9. Whether they’re a speed demon or not.

Fast, slow, or nice and steady. What one are you?


10. Whether they like to lead or follow.

Guess I’m gonna be the leader now.


11. How hot their breath is.

*Fans self*


12. Where their extra sharp teeth are.

Ouch. Not going in that corner again.


13. Whether they’re a fan of tongue or not.

It’s an obvious one that you’ll pick up on soon enough.


14. A unique small detail about their face.

I didn’t know bae had a beauty mark on that eyelid.


15. Whether they’re a serious, playful, or funny kisser.

Who would have thought we have a giggler?


What’s your best kiss story? Let us know in the comments!


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