7 Bronzer Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Bronzer is the lazy girl’s self-tanner. It’s also a staple in many makeup bags in the summer. Bronzer can create a golden glow without you having to roast in the damaging sun’s rays. The trouble is that if you apply bronzer wrong, you can look more dirty than bronzed goddess. And I know the former is not the look you’re going for.

The finish all comes down to having the right techniques and choosing the right products. I know that’s easier said than done, but mastering bronzer isn’t that difficult. It’s much easier to do than highlighting and contouring. And there are little things that you could be doing wrong that could be messing with your look. Correct them and you’ll have a beachy bronzed look. Scroll through the gallery to see seven common bronzer mistakes you’re probably making.

Applying Waaaaaay To Much

You can blame Instagram for this one. The 'Gram tends to make people think that we need to apply more product, especially if we want to #slay in photos. The problem is that it's very easy to overdo the bronzer. What's more, what looks good in a photo can actually look fake IRL. So, start off with a very light hand and check out your glow in natural light. Sun-kissed is the goal. If you apply too much product, you'll just look muddy.

Image source: Instagram/kbrothwell

Using The Wrong Color

All bronzer shades are not equal. And a shade that looks good on your friend might not be the one that works for you. There are different bronzer shades to flatter different skin tones, just like there are different blush shades for different skin tones. The wrong bronzer shade can make your face look dirty. That's never a good thing. Another problem is that the shade can be too orange. Think about how you look when you're tan and try to choose a shade close to that. Know that what a shade looks like in the package can look very different when it's applied so make sure you swatch and test.

Image source: Instagram/tay.beauty

Putting It In The Wrong Spots

You can have the perfect bronzer shade and ruin things with the wrong application. You want to use bronzer as an accent. Crucially, you want to use it on the areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit. That usually means the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and sometimes the forehead. You might be tempted to apply it all over your face. It's a risky move because people often apply too much which just makes skin look dirty.

Image source: Instagram/kizlara_tarifler

Not Blending it Properly

The difference between a great makeup look and an amateur one is often blending. It's imperative to diffuse lines on most makeup products from foundation to blush. Bronzer is no exception. No matter where you apply the bronzer, make sure that you're buffing it so there are no harsh lines. You don't want the product to sit on the skin. You want it to blend in and look like you're glowing from within.

Image source: Instagram/christina_c_beauty

Choosing The Wrong Formulation For Your Skin Type

I'm not talking about colors here. I'm talking about the different types from powders to creams to sticks to loose powders. Most people probably gravitate towards powder bronzers because they're the most *traditional.* However, they might not be the best for your skin type. If you're on the drier side, they can enhance flakes. A cream might be a better option. Those with oily skin might prefer a liquid or gel bronzer thanks to the lightweight texture.

Image source: Instagram/nurk_mk

Using The Wrong Tools To Apply It

Make sure that you're choosing the right tool for the bronzer you're using whether it's a liquid, gel, powder, or cream. Using the right tool can make the product apply more easily and evenly. If you're using a powder, use a powder or blush brush. The tiny brushes that you sometimes get with bronzers aren't big enough. If you're using liquid formulas, experiment with fingers, sponges, and blenders to see what method gives you the best seamless finish.

Image source: Instagram/miss_home11

Not Extending The Color Down

This is a simple thing but it makes such a difference. We're so focused on perfecting the tiny details on our faces that we sometimes forget to see the full picture. When it comes to bronzer, consider your outfit and what skin you have on display. If you've bronzed your face, tie in the color by dusting a bit down your neck and on your decolletage. It'll be harmonious and create a more natural effect.

Image source: Instagram/reflection_beauty_

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