What’s The Deal With Anal Douching?

When you think of douching, you probably think about vaginal douching, right? You might not have considered that there are other types. But, there are. See anal douching. If you aren’t familiar with anal douching and are wondering whether it comes with the same controversies as vaginal douching, keep on reading.

I can probably guess, but what exactly is anal douching?

Anal douching — or rectal douching, as it’s sometimes called — is the act of rinsing out the rectum. It’s often done with water, but some might use saline-based anal douching kits.

Are you saying that toilet paper isn’t enough to get clean back there?

Not at all. You do not want to be anal douching on the regular because that can mess up the healthy bacteria back there are create problems. Most people do anal douching before having anal sex and/or using anal sex toys.

Is anal douching as bad as vaginal douching?

Companies that sell vagina douching products promote an idea that vaginas should smell like flowers and fruits as opposed to their natural scents. They play off insecurities that our vaginas in their natural states are somehow “unclean.” It’s BS. What they fail to mention is that our vaginas are perfectly capable of cleaning themselves and using douche kits can actually cause more problems.

Anal douching is a bit different. There aren’t as many studies to show just how good or bad it is. And when it comes to anal sex, cleanliness is essential. Some point out that if people practice standard hygiene practices that will be enough, but there are other camps that go by the “when it doubt, douche it” motto.

So, I only have to worry about anal douching if I’m going to try anal?

If you’re going to do any sort of butt stuff, you could consider anal douching. But, know that it’s not mandatory. It’s a personal choice. You also have to be aware that if you do it wrong, there is a possibility of it causing issues back there.

Ugh. Like what?

I previously touched on how over-douching back there can mess up the good bacteria in your butt. It’s the same problem that happens with vaginal douching. What’s more, if you do it wrong or use the wrong products, it could lead to burning, irritation, and uncomfortable feelings while going to the bathroom.

How do I make sure I do it right?

First of all, don’t put anything up your butt that isn’t meant to be there. If you’re going to use water, make sure that you’re not adding any perfumed soaps or exfoliants into the mix. When they say water, they mean water. And be careful of the water temperature. You don’t want to burn your delicate butthole.

If you’re using a kit, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. This isn’t the time to go out on your own or wing it. Most instructions are pretty detailed and sometimes even include diagrams. If you want more details, there are a number of tutorials on the internet that will show how it’s done.

What did you know about anal douching? Let us know in the comments!


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