17 Whisper Confessions About Being Jealous In A Relationship

Jealously is a difficult emotion. When you feel it, it can be hard to shake it off — as much as you might what to. And dealing with a person who is jealous is no walk in the park, either. Jealousy can come in many forms and into many situations. One area it frequently rears its ugly head is in relationships.

Relationships are special, complex, intense things. When there are people sharing their hearts with each other, there are obviously a lot of feelings involved. When other people are added to the equation (hello, exes, friends, random people) jealousy can happen.

It’s very common for someone to experience jealously in a relationship at some point. After all, you have feelings for your significant other and want to protect him/her and your relationship. The problems start to arise when those jealous feelings consume us.

I don’t want to see that happen with you which is why you need to make a conscious effort to keep feelings of jealous in check. But, I also want you to realize that you’re not alone in feeling this way. Here are 17 Whisper confessions about being jealous in relationships that show you’re far from the only one who deals with bouts of jealous.

1. Oh, boy.


If you’re not the jealous one, it’s your SO.


2. The question always on your mind.




3. I’ll admit it.


Can’t help the feelings.


4. When you get jealous of other surprising people.


Why am I feeling this way?


5. Gah.


This is not good for my self-esteem.


6. When there are exes and new crushes to deal with.


Things can get complicated.


7. A big question.


It depends what other feelings you have going on.


8. Friends can cause issues, too.


Would it be rude to ask her to stop talking about him?


9. How do I overcome this?!


Any tips?


10. Hmmmmm….


You’re not the only one.


11. Am I the only one who feels jealous?


Do you have feelings?


12. When jealously becomes a major issue.


Can’t go on like this.


13. Can’t help but compare.


*Looks at them then me*


14. Trying to avoid a situation.


Bae just won’t understand.


15. I want to stop feeling this way.


…But I can’t.


16. Real talk.


It’s a thought.


17. Can’t help myself.


What girl are you talking about?


How has jealousy impacted your relationships? Let us know in the comments!


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