6 Reasons To Consider An Open Relationship

Some people are serial monogamists while others might not be so sure what their dating style is. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t like to be defined and you want to just go with your heart. And maybe you’ve found yourself at times having feelings for more than one person and considering an open relationship.

I’m gonna be straight with you: Open relationships aren’t for everyone. Just like monogamous relationships aren’t for everyone, either. But, you can never know for sure until you try something, right? Maybe an open relationship doesn’t feel right at the moment, but you might find yourself in a situation where it could be good.

Keep an open mind (sorry) about the future and situations and have a look at six valid reasons to consider an open relationship.

It Will Allow You To Try New Experiences

What is life but a series of great experiences? I'm going to avoid getting too meta on you, but it's true. Dating of any type will obviously present different experiences. And being in an open relationship will give you the chance to have new experiences you've never had. Some might be unexpected, some might be bad, and some might be wonderful.

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It Will Give You A New Perspective On Dating

You might try an open relationship and you might love it. Or, you might try it and hate it. You might think it's alright. No matter how you end up feeling, you will at least be able to walk away from the situation with a clearer perspective on things. That means you'll likely have a better idea of what you do want in a relationship.

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It's About What You Want

Sometimes we can feel pressured by society, parents, friends, whoever to be a certain way. With open relationships, the focus is on what you want. You don't have to feel obligated to fit into any box or *ideal* relationship. You'll be able to discuss with your partner/partners what they want, and what you want, and come up with the appropriate rules. And if someone isn't down, they can make their opinions known, and walk away, if necessary.

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It Can Help You Maintain Your Identity

Hands up if you sometimes feel like you lose a part of yourself in a relationship? Or, have you seen it happen to friends? When you're in an open relationship, the chances of this happening are less likely to happen. Because you're not monogamous, you and your partner or partners won't be spending every spare minute together which can sometimes happen in monogamous relationships. This will allow you to do your own things and remain an individual.

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It Could Bring You And A Partner Closer

I know that this might sound a bit out there, but consider it. If you're in an open relationship and you have other people, those people could give you a new perspective on what you have with one person. It could actually make you more appreciative of what you have. What's more, when you and a partner actually get together after time away, you can find yourselves really savoring the time and not take each other for granted.

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It Gives You Freedom And Commitment

Some people like open relationships because they feel they get the best of both worlds. It will depend on the type on open relationship you have and the rules you have with a partner, if any. If you are more *committed* to someone and you are still dating other people then you can feel like you have everything because you will have some sense of security but still know that you can do your own thang.

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Would you consider an open relationship? Let us know in the comments!


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