14 Of The Most Over-The-Top Questions About Douching

Everyone isn’t born with knowledge about everything. If we were, we wouldn’t have to bother with school. We acquire knowledge through learning, trying things out, and asking questions. It applies to almost every subject in the world including sex and our bodies.

Some people are embarrassed to ask questions about their bodies and sex while others are fine with it so long as they’re doing it to faceless friends on the internet. I’m all for people asking questions, because it helps them learn. It doesn’t really matter where they’re asking it, so long as they get good answers in return.

If you have questions about douching and are afraid to ask them, I’m sure that people have asked them — and then some. Have a look at 14 of the wildest questions about douching.

1. A helping hand?

Yeah, it doesn’t work that way.


2. Eeeeep.

Do not do it now and do not do it when there’s no baby in your womb.


3. Don’t go there.

Just let your vag do its thang.


4. Not a form of birth control.

Not a good idea to begin with.


5. Hmmmm…

Glad it’s not being used as “birth control” at least.


6. I have a number of questions about this one.

Define “demo.”


7. One is bad, two isn’t better.

Time for everyone to get some information.


8. Douching will cause more problems.

And remember tampon safety.


9. Douching 101

The thing to remember: You can find out what it is, but don’t act on it.


10. It just got political. 

Anyone care to explain?


11. Back door douche.



12. Not just about the fronts.

Number two.


13. For what…?

FYI: You can be “clean” without enemas and douches.


14. The end is near?

Just don’t.


What question surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!


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