8 Things To Consider Before Dating Multiple People

Has the warmer weather and plethora of half-naked people at the beach had you thinking about a summer fling more and more? It can happen. They don’t call it summer fling for nothing. Or, maybe you’re thinking about having fun and getting to know a few different people.

If you’re leaning towards the idea of keeping things low-key and dating around, there are some things to be aware of. It might seem like it could be a great way to spend the summer and get to know some new people without anything *super serious* but there are two sides to every situation. Or in this case, there are a lot of different sides.

Before you start playing the field, consider these eight things about dating multiple people.

There Will Be Some Jealously

Even if people say that they don't mind sharing, there is often still jealously. It happens with a box of doughnuts, a cake, and it will definitely happen when dating other people. It's natural. When different people are going after the same person, they are going to feel a healthy bit of competition. And every new detail they find out about the other relationship will stir those feelings of jealously. Just think about how you would feel if you ask a date to hang out tonight but they *can't.* You know they're hanging out with the other person.

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Coordinating Everything Can Be Challenging

Think back to how difficult it was when you're trying to coordinate your schedule with one our person. Your life is probably busy AF and trying to make it match up with one person can be a challenge. The more people you add into the mix, the tougher it will be. At some points, it might start to feel like all you do is attempt to coordinate dates.

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Some Partners Might Not Be Cool With The Idea

You might be cool with the idea of having an open relationship and seeing other people, but other people might not be. You might have found yourself on the opposite side of the situation at some point. Just because you're open to the idea of a bunch of summer flings, doesn't mean everyone else is. Some people could be looking for exclusivity and a serious commitment. You'll have to respect their decision and they will have to respect yours.

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...And You Might Not Be Cool With Other People's Ideas

Some people might be cool with the idea of seeing other people, but they might have some parameters. Or, they might have parameters in the situation and they might consider it more of a free-for-all situation. At the end of the day, it's going to be your call whether you want to compromise, agree, or disagree and move on. Remember, you can still respect a person's opinion and refuse to be a situation.

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You Might Need To Establish Some Ground Rules

If you're seeing other people, you might find it helpful to lay out what that means to you versus what it means to other people. For instance, are there certain days that you want to see each other? Do you have to tell the other people about your dates? Or, would they prefer it wasn't mentioned? Is sex going to be involved in all of these relationships or not at all? If you just want to see how it goes, be aware that you might wish for guidelines or parameters at some point or you might find the other people wanting them.

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There Will Likely Come To A Point Where You Don't Want To Do It Anymore

Perhaps you will get sick of the coordination of it all. Or, you might have developed a deep connection with one person and are looking to take this relationship to the next level. Perhaps you just got burned out from the situation and your heart couldn't deal. No one is judging you and there's nothing wrong with stopping. The whole point of the fling was to have fun, right? If you're not having it, no sense in keeping it up.

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You Will Compare People

Your dates will secretly be comparing the competition, but you will naturally compare people. How could you not? Even if you say that you're not, you cannot help but do it. It's pretty much ingrained in us. Know it's not all bad. Sometimes, it can help us see a situation more clearly. It can also help us decide what we really want in a relationship.

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The Objectives Are To Enjoy Yourself And Have Fun

When you get stressed or feel unhappy, remember why you wanted to try playing the field to begin with. You probably wanted to enjoy yourself, right? Are you doing that? If you are, thumbs up. If you're not, think about how you can turn the situation around so you can be happy. After all, that's what it's all about.

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Have you ever dated more than one person at once? Let us know in the comments!


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