6 Things You Will Have To Deal With In A Love Triangle

If you’ve never been in a love triangle, you might find the idea intriguing — especially if you’re the one with two people after you. In reality, love triangles are pretty awful, no matter the role. There are three people’s hearts and strong emotions involved, and no matter what a person does, it’s going to see someone get hurt. Argh.

It would be nice if I could give you tips on how to avoid love triangles completely, but that’s not the most realistic option. At the end of the day, the heart will want what it wants. And sometimes it doesn’t give a hoot whether there’s another suitor involved.

I’m hoping that you don’t find yourself in the middle of a pesky love triangle, but if you do, I want you to be prepared. So, here are six things that you will likely have to deal with in a love triangle.

People Doing Ridiculous Stuff In An Effort To Stand Out

Some people might like the idea of grand, romantic gestures. However, you mind change your mind when you've got two suitors who keep trying to up their game to stand out. It starts to feel like they're not doing it for you but to beat the other one. And that's not the best feeling.

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Not-So-Subtle Change Being Thrown

Things might start off fairly civilized in a love triangle, especially if the people were friends before. But, there comes a time when things will start to heat up and get competitive. It's usually after a number of over-the-top stunts when people are looking to seal the deal that they start pointing out why the other person definitely shouldn't be picked. If you're the one caught in the middle, it start to feel like a moan feast.

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The Person Being Admired Getting Cross With Both Of The Suitors

After one too many ridiculous stunts and another awkward public quarrel, the person who has the two suitors will likely reach a breaking point. At that point, he/she will likely not want to see either person who has been trying to win her/his affection. Sometimes the feelings will last. Other times, they will simmer down. And that will start the whole vicious cycle back up again.

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Having A Fourth Person Become Involved

Yup, just when you think that things can't get any worse, a fourth person will likely become involved in your love triangle. In some situations, the person who has the two love interests might not be able to deal with the two suitors anymore so he/she will look to a totally new person — or people. In other situations, friends and/or family could get involved to try to *resolve* things. Spoiler alert: A lot of the time, it makes things more complicated.

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A Ton Of Waiting Around Waiting For People To Make Decisions

One problem with love triangles is that they aren't resolved quickly. They seem to drag on and on with a lot of people finding it hard to make decisions. You cannot really blame some people for finding it difficult. After all, there are people's feelings at sake. And no one wants to intentionally hurt people's feelings. What's more, some people genuinely don't know what to do. They might find that they really do have feelings for both parties and wish they could continue seeing both.

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No One Ends Up Happy

When all is said and done, there likely isn't going to be a happy ending. It's pretty well guaranteed that one person's heart is going to end up hearbroken. Sometimes, it could be two. Other times all three could end up with a situation where they've all compromised and no one is really happy with the outcome. Can it be changed? Probably not. And knowing that is the real kicker.

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Have you ever been in a love triangle? Let us know in the comments!


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