How To Feel Less Awkward When Flirting

If you feel a bit dizzy, sweaty, and nervous just when you see your crush, the feelings likely only intensify if you try to flirt. After all, it’s one thing to stare silently in appreciation at someone — it’s quite another to start putting the moves of them.

There are probably very few people who would say that they feel confident when flirting, especially when there is a chance of rejection or it taking a very awkward turn. But, there are ways to get more comfortable doing it. Don’t worry, they’re actually small things that anyone can manage. What’s more, they don’t involve *practicing* in front of the mirror or taking selfies of your sexy face. Have a look at the easy ways to feel less awkward when flirting with your crush.

Don't Come On Too Strong

You might feel self-conscious flirting because you might have gotten the idea that you need to really put yourself out there to make it obvious you're flirting. That's not necessarily the case. What's more, if you start doing something that doesn't feel authentic to you, the chances of it missing the mark are higher. Instead, approach the situation at a flirty level that you feel more comfortable with. It will be more natural and will likely have a better impact.

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Don't Overthink It

When you're with your crush, do you have all of these tips and tricks swirling around in your head? Is it so bad that you have problems even trying to focus on what your crush is saying? This isn't what you want at all. You actually want to silence all of those voices in your head. Just focus on your crush and having a good time. When you're doing that, the flirting will actually come naturally.

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Focus On Engaging With Your Crush

Instead of trying to work in a flirty wink, hand squeeze, or lean in, think about ways you can spend time with your crush or get to know another side of him/her. Suggest you do an activity together or ask your crush something about himself/herself. Both tactics are great because they take the pressure off you. Secondly, there will be more of a natural flow which can lead to a greater connection.

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Pretend It's Just A Regular Conversation

I know that it might be hard because you're standing in front of your *crush* rather than your best friends, sister, or teacher, but don't get into the mindset that this is a really special. When you're in that head space, you could start to freak out or do something that you will regret later. Simply pretend you're having a conversation with someone interesting and think about ways you can to keep the conversation going. That's all.

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Focus On Simple Things Or Actions

Sometimes complicated things pay off. That's normally not the case when it comes to flirting. In regards to flirting, it can actually send confusing signals. You'll also feel clumsy trying to remember all of your flirting moves and tactics. Instead, keep it simple. FYI: Simple can be basic as just talking to your crush and having a meaningful chat. Remember what I just said?

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Just Be Yourself

Don't scoff. This could actually be the most important information to remember. At the end of the day, you want your crush to like you for you. So, laying on someone else's flirting moves or pretending to be something you're not isn't going to do yourself any favors in the long run. Try to be as natural as you can to let all sides of your personality shine through. I know you're fabulous, girl, so let your crush see that.

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Follow Your Crush's Lead

You might have heard the tip that if you've new to kissing, you follow the other person...or their tongue. It's a concept that can also be applied to flirting — except in the latter case, you're going to be less focused on tongues. For example, if you crush has a tendency to touch your shoulder when chatting, touch his/her shoulder, etc. Just make sure that you're not copying every move he/she makes. You don't want to look like a mime. Switch things up and copy older moves.

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What are your flirting tips? Let us know in the comments!


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