16 Things Not To Say On A First Date

First dates are about making a good impression. You want to intrigue the person enough that they want to see you again (and again, again…). That’s why people engage in some major first date prep. That can often involve a total assessment of your closet, a pep talk with your girls, and doing a lot of research about your date online. (Thank you, social media).

Unfortunately, all of that doesn’t guarantee a first date. A first date can go from *amazing* to cringe-worthy in the blink of the eye — or make that a poorly chosen sentence. There are some phrases that are best avoided on first dates because they have a reputation for making people run for the hills.

I still want you to be yourself and feel confident expressing your feelings, but I want you to know that there are some topics that are considered a bit too heavy or intense on a first date for a lot of people. At the end of the day though, it comes down to you. If you’re feeling confident and want to say them, say them. Just know that they might not have the positive reaction you were hoping for. These are 16 things that you should avoid saying on a first date:

1. “How many dating website/apps are you on?”

Even if you met on one, best not bring it up.


2. “I love you.”

Now is not the time to drop the L-bomb. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known the person for years.


3. “How many other dates are you going on this week?”

This isn’t the sort of “get to know you information” you want to ask.


4. “I Googled you.”

Your date probably knows you did. And your date probably did the same thing about you. Still, you don’t want to bring it up because it always sounds stalker-like.


5. “You seem nervous.”

Way to make someone feel even more uncomfortable…


6. “Do you want to get married and have kids some day?”

Whoooooa Nelly.


7. “You’re not like the people I’m normally into …” 

What does that even mean?


8. “You remind me of my ex.”

It’s best avoiding talking about exes…


9. “You look so different in person.”

Even if it’s true, we don’t need to say it.


10. “You have a healthy appetite.”

Imagine if someone said it to you.


11. “What’s wrong with you that you’re single?”

You might be wondering, but you don’t want to actually ask the person — especially in such a direct way.


12. “Do you go on a lot of dates?”

Define “a lot.” No, actually just don’t ask it.


13. “My friends think that you’re really great.”

No need to let your date know that you’ve already consulted your BFFs.


14. “Our kids would be soooooo cute.”

Chill, girl. Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllll.


15. “How long have you been single for?”

Keep it light. Keep it light.


16. “I’m not looking for anything serious.”

Even if it’s true, you should have subtly implied it before the date instead of dropping a bomb right now.


What first date faux pas have you made? Let us know in the comments!


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