20 Style Tips On How To Wear Chunky Sneakers

It’s summer and the middle of a heatwave which means you’re probably thinking about wearing as little as possible in an effort to not overheat. I get it. I’m not going to start championing parkas, heavy wool sweaters, or wearing down comforters in the scorching temps. Still, you might be surprised to hear I’m going to talk about chunky sneakers.

I know that it’s sandal season and we have precious little time when we can wear open shoes without risking frostbite. But, I don’t want you to miss out on the chunky sneaker trend. It’s a great trend that works with shorts, dresses, and even skirts. And it’s something that you can wear now and carry into fall.

Whether you’re trying dad sneakers, grandpa sneakers, Velcro sneakers, “ugly” sneakers, or some other twist, it doesn’t matter. As long as the shoe is big, bold, and statement-making, you’re halfway there. After that, all you have to worry about is styling it into your summer wardrobe. Scroll down to see 20 style tips on how to wear chunky sneakers right now.

1. Yellow Co-Ords And Dad Sneakers

Contrast sunny coordinates with equally bold footwear.


2. Off-the-Shoulder Top, Mom Jeans, And Chunky White Sneakers

This outfit has all of the fashion trends.


3. White Blouse, Jean Skirt, And Chunky Runners

Preppy with a sporty twist at the end.


4. Pink Tank, Ripped White Pants, And Grandpa Sneakers

Keep the athleisure vibes strong with an easy tank top. Swap the leggings for ripped white jeans for an unexpected twist.


5. Black Outfit And Pale Blue Sneakers

Life is pretty good ?

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The polka dots help break up the black, but’s the pale blue shoes that really punctuate the look.


6. White T-Shirts, Dark Denim Shorts, And White Grandpa Sneakers

This is a 2018 twist on a timeless outfit.


7. Red T-Shirt, Plaid Pants, And Multicolored Shoes

This is a comfy and cool outfit you’ll want to rock on the weekend and pretty much any other time.


8. Gingham Dress, Straw Bag, And Chunky Sneakers

You could wear this with midi heels or sandals. But, I encourage you to contrast the preppy tones with colorful chunky sneakers.


9. Pastel Corduroy Jacket, Skinny Jeans, And Chunky Shoes

Wear this for cooler nights now then bring it out again in the fall.


10. Red Bodysuit, Blue Jeans, and Dad Sneakers

The sporty footwear and ripped jeans dress down the bodysuit for day. You could create the same effect with a tank top.


11. White T-Shirt, Maxi Dress, And Chunky Sneakers

Summer plaids

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You might not have been expecting this styling combination, but it works.


12. Tank Top, Striped Pants, And Chunky Sneakers

Give T-shirts, jorts, and sandals a rest and try this look instead.


13. Graphic T-Shirt, Polka Dot Skirt, And White Sneakers

Here’s how to throw a bunch of different references together and make an outfit work. The monochromatic color palette makes it cohesive.


14. Striped Top, Wide-Leg Cropped Pants, And Red Chunky Sneakers

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Match your sneakers to your tee and you instantly have a put-together ensemble.


15. Flower Dress And White Sneakers

This look could actually go from day to night.


16. Off-the-Shoulder Dress, Backpack, And Chunky Sneakers

If only you'd let it go, you'd be metaphysical ?

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This is flirty, preppy, sporty, and chic.


17. Button-Down Crop Top, Yellow Pants, And Multicolored Sneakers

Major credit for the way the colors in the outfit expertly match the ones in the shoes. You don’t always need to put on such a coordinated display, but it’s fun to try it from time to time.


18. Fedora, Graphic T-Shirt, Jeans, And Grandpa Sneakers

Frida is in Town #Provincetown #CadeCod ? #QueenFrida #ChunkySneakers

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Think sneakers can’t work in summer? This outfit has all the summer feels.


19. Graphic T-Shirt, Bright Skirt, And Sneakers

Pro tip: Pairing unexpected things with your bold sneakers can actually have the best results.


20. Romper, Chain-Strap Bag, And Dad Sneakers

How sweet is this? Try the shoes without socks for a cooler finish.


What are your favorite shoe trends? Let us know in the comments!


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